Top 5 Vitamins That are Important For Hair Growth

There are a lot of things which helps in growing hair faster and stronger. Using masks, oil massages or even products from the market can contribute to hair growth. However, the most natural and healthy way of growing hair is by adding vitamins to your diet.

In today’s article, we will be sharing my top 5 vitamins which will help in growing hair faster.

You can choose from natural ingredient with these vitamins or just buy these vitamins in the form of supplements from the market. Either way, you will get smooth, long and strong hair within no time.

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A helps in regenerating the cells which cause the hair to grow faster.
  • It also contributes to producing sebum which moisturizes the scalp and nourishes it.
  • Adding potato, carrot, pumpkin, spinach or even kale can help in increasing hair growth while repairing the scalp damage.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C contains powerful antioxidants which repair the scalp damage and promote hair growth.
  • It also helps in protecting the scalp from the oxidative damage which causes free radical damage.
  • Vitamin C helps in producing collagen which fights ageing signs while creating proteins for the scalp.
  • It also helps in making the body absorb iron which causes hair to grow.
  • You can get your dose of vitamin C from strawberries, peppers and guavas.

Vitamin D

  • Adding vitamin D to the diet helps in preventing hair loss while creating new follicles.
  • While the most natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, it isn’t the most healthy nowadays.
  • Therefore, adding ingredients like fatty fish, cod liver and mushrooms will help in growing the hair faster and stronger.
  • You can also consume vitamin D supplements available in the market for healthy hair growth.

Vitamin E 

  • Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties which help in repairing the scalp damage whilst promoting hair growth.
  • It also fights the free radical signs which are responsible to cause scalp damage.
  • Vitamin E is also responsible for oxidative damage.
  • To add vitamin E to your diet, consume, almonds, spinach and avocados.


  • B-Vitamin helps in building red blood cells which cause the hair to grow faster and stronger.
  • It also helps in carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp as well as hair follicles.
  • To add B-vitamin, all you have to do is consume an abundance of whole grains, almonds, meat and fish.

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