Things That You Must Know About Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin type which is very difficult to live with.

When the sebaceous gland overwhelms, it can produce an excess amount of oil, making things go a little out of hand.

This can lead to your skin looking oily, greasy and also aged.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips which can help out anyone with oily skin.

Using these tips will control the excess oil production and also make it easier for you to manage your skin.


Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse

When you have oily skin, the cause more often than not is a clogged pore.

Therefore, cleansing your face to keep it dirt-free is most important.

While a normal skin requires cleansing twice a day, someone with oily skin must cleanse at least thrice.

Make sure that you stay clear of moisturizing cleanser as they will add up on the oils, leading to further clogging.

  1.  When it comes to natural cleansers, you can choose a combination of cold milk and orange peel powder.
  2.  Make a paste and apply on damp skin.
  3.  Massage in a circular motion and rinse it off.


Don’t Forget The Exfoliation

A lot of people tend to skip exfoliation.

However, if you are someone with oily skin, you must get deep into those roots and remove impurities from there.

Make sure you at least scrub your skin twice every week for best results.

A scrub can also effectively remove oil from the skin.

  1.  A combination of coffee and yoghurt can work very well for oily skin.
  2.  Just mix and apply it on the skin and massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes.
  3.  Rinse it off using lukewarm water and pat the skin


Alcohol-Free Toner

When you tone your skin daily, it helps in keeping excess oil out of the way.

However, choosing an alcohol-based toner can dry your skin which will cause sebaceous glands to produce excess oil.

This will lead to clogged pores.

Hence either opt for an alcohol-free toner or go all-natural.


Mask Is Must

Adding a mask that consists of ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite clay will help in absorbing excess oil out.

Mask tends to seal the pores and fill them with nutrients.

It works as an added benefit to improving how your skin looks, overall.


You Must Moisturize

It’s a myth that oily skin doesn’t need moisture.

Cleansing, exfoliating and mask tends to leave the skin a little dry.

Using a moisturizer helps in adding the hydration that the skin needs after the cleansing.

In fact, not using a moisturizer can cause excess sebum production, increasing the oil factor on the skin.

Bonus Fact

While oily skin does give a hard time, there is one advantage to it too.

Oily skin is known to age slower when compared to dry skin.

While dry skin cannot cause wrinkles, the dryness can make the skin develop wrinkles faster.

However, with oily skin, the moisture-holding capacity is far better which works as a lid for the skin.

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