Calcium-rich foods: Benefits for skin, hair & health

Calcium is the most abundant mineral known to be found in human body and is represented by the symbol ‘Ca’. The total amount of calcium in an adult man is 1 to 1.5 kilograms. 99% of this calcium in contained in bones and teeth and the rest of 1% is found outside skeletal tissue. Calcium plays a great role in development of bones and teeth, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulse, activation of many enzymes, release of hormones and many other endless number of functions. The recommended dietary allowance of calcium for adult men and women is 800 mg/day, for lactating or pregnant women is 1.5 g/day and that for children is 0.8 – 1.2 g/day. 

Top Dairy products rich in calcium

  1. Yogurt – Ca content : 125 mg / 100 gm

Yogurt is known as an excellent source of calcium. Calcium plays a very necessary role in keeping bones and teeth healthy. Presence of high level of calcium also helps in normal functioning of nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

  1. Cheese – Ca content : 122 mg / 100 gm

Cheese is rich source of calcium and Vitamin B. Calcium is very important mineral for children, women and elderly people as it helps in bone and cartilage strengthening. Vitamin B helps in proper absorption and distribution of calcium. It also promotes deposition the of calcium and phosphorus in teeth thereby making them stronger. 

  1. Milk – Ca content : 120 mg / 100 gm

Milk is one of the best easily available source of calcium. Calcium is a mineral which is required by our body to carry out different functions normally like building and maintaining bones and teeth health. It also helps in maintenance of other functions like blood clotting, transmission of nerve impulses, and regulation of the heart’s rhythm. 

Top Non-veg foods rich in calcium

  1. Sardines – Ca content : 382 mg / 100 gm

Sardines are a great source of a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining a healthy skeletal structure. Consumption of three nutrients that are Calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus can prevent bone mineral loss and help to heal broken bones following injuries.

  1. Prawn – Ca content : 190 mg / 100 gm

Prawn is a good source of Calcium and vitamin E which are essential in maintaining healthy skin, teeth and bones.

  1. Lobster – Ca content : 96 mg / 100 gm

 Lobster also contain ample amount of calcium and phosphorus which are essential for the development of your bones. Presence of calcium promotes nerve health and  can also prevent osteoporosis as well as other age-related skeletal conditions.

  1. Oyster – Ca content : 62 mg / 100 gm

Oyster being a rich source of calcium can be used to treat conditions like osteoporosis, rickets, weak bones etc.  

  1. Egg – Ca content : 50 mg / 100 gm

 Egg is the best source of energy and contains many essential nutrients. It contains high level of calcium and phosphorus which help in increasing bone mineral density and durability. 

Top 10 fruits rich in calcium

  1. Rhubarb – Ca content : 86 mg / 100 gm

Rhubarb is a fruit rich in Calcium. This fruit is known to offer many health benefits like aiding in weight loss, improving digestion, stimulating production of RBCs etc. Presence of calcium and Vitamin K in this fruit increases it’s osteotrophic activity thereby improving bone growth and repair. 

  1. Kumquat – Ca content : 62 mg / 100 gm

Kumquat is a small fruit which is a combination of bitter and sweet. Kumquat has antioxidants, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It help in improving bone and teeth health by strengthening them. 

  1. Orange – Ca content : 40 mg / 100 gm

Orange is scientifically known as Citrus sinensis. This fruit helps in strengthening the bones and teeth. Presence of calcium in Orange also provide benefits to nerves, muscles and blood vessels by making them function normally. 

  1. Fig – Ca content : 35 mg / 100 gm

Fig is a rich source of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Dried figs contain more amount of minerals and vitamins than ripe fig fruit. Fig contain calcium mineral which help in maintaining bones, teeth, heart, and nervous system healthy.

  1. Kiwi fruit – Ca content : 34 mg / 100 gm

Kiwi fruit is known to provide an insane amount of health benefits. Kiwi contain both calcium and Vitamin K which plays a crucial part in maintenance of healthy bones. Deficiency of any of these minerals can make a person suffer from bone related illness. 

  1. Limes – Ca content : 33 mg / 100 gm

Lime is also known as Citrus Aurantifolia. Lime contain ample amount of calcium which help in strengthening of bones and teeth.    

  1. Tangerine – Ca content : 32 mg / 100 gm

Tangerine is scientifically known as Citrus tangerina. It is a rich source of calcium and helps in maintaining bone health, cell structure. It also helps in regulation of enzyme, phytohormone activities and nutrient uptake.  

  1. Clementine – Ca content : 30 mg / 100 gm

Clementine has scientific name Citrus clementina. Clementine has some greatly beneficial properties like Anti-Viral, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Arthritis properties. Presence of calcium here helps in maintaining proper nerve function, contraction of muscles, blood clotting and speed up wound healing. 

  1. Blackberries – Ca content : 29 mg / 100 gm

Blackberry is a delicious and versatile fruit. The presence of Calcium and Magnesium plays a vital part in maintaining the proper health of bones while phosphorus helps in the regulation of calcium. 

  1. Lemon – Ca content : 26 mg / 100 gm

Lemon is scientifically known as Citrus limon. Presence of calcium in lemon helps in maintaining bones, teeth, heart, and nervous system health.

Top 10 vegetables rich in calcium 

  1. Collard Greens – Ca content : 232 mg / 100 gm

Collard green is known to provide some amazing health benefits as it contain high amount of many essential nutrients. It contain high amount of calcium which strengthens the bone and make them stronger.

  1. Curled (Scotch) Kale – Ca content : 205 mg / 100 gm

Curled Kale contain high amount of calcium which help in maintaining proper nerve function, contraction of muscles, blood clotting and speed up wound healing. There are various other varieties of Kale available in the market some of which provide glucosinolate – related health benefits. 

 Turnip Greens – Ca content : 190 mg / 100 gm

Turnip greens contain an impressive amount of calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium. These three  minerals are known to promote bone health and decreases the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis. 

  1. Arugula (Rocket) – Ca content : 160mg / 100 gm

Arugula is also known as rocket and rucola. This vegetable has some really surprising health benefit. Three of its minerals that is Ca, Mg, K play an important role in helping the blood vessels to relax and thereby promotes healthy blood pressure levels. 

  1. Kale – Ca content : 150 mg / 100 gm

Kale is a vegetable which is packed with some wonderful health benefits as it is a rich source of many important essential nutrients. Presence of mineral like Ca and vitamin K helps in keeping the bones strong.  

  1. Spinach (Cooked) – Ca content : 136 mg / 100 gm

Spinach is rich source of many nutrients. Presence of calcium in this vegetable helps in maintaining bones and teeth healthy. 

  1. Watercress – Ca content : 120 mg / 100 gm

The amount of calcium present in this vegetable is more than that found in milk. It is seen that people who consume less amount of minerals like Mg, Ca, and K are more likely to have high blood pressure. But Watercress is a green leafy vegetable which contain all three of these healthy minerals in high amount and can help maintaining a normal blood pressure. 

  1. Mustard Greens (Cooked) – Ca content : 118 mg / 100 gm

Mustard green is also known as leaf mustards and is a really healthy vegetable one can find in the winter season. Mustard green contains calcium in high amounts therefore regular consumption of this vegetable can prevent arthritis, osteoporosis. 

  1. Broccoli Raab (cooked) – Ca content : 118 mg / 100 gm

Broccoli Raab is also known as Italian turnip, Broccoletto, Cime Di Rapa or Rabini. Due to the presence of a high amount of calcium regular intake of Broccoli Raab in the diet is known to prevent arthritis, osteoporosis. 

 Beet Greens – Ca content : 117 mg / 100 gm

Beet green is beneficial for good health as it is loaded with essential nutrients. Beet green contain calcium which is good for maintaining normal blood pressure and keeping bones healthy. 

 Top 10 dry fruits rich in calcium

  1. Almond – Ca content : 264 mg / 100 gm

Almond is packed with a high amount of calcium which keeps bone healthy. It also contains Vitamin E, manganese, copper, and magnesium which serve the same purpose of keeping bones youthful and strong. Presence of omega – 3s in Almond also promotes calcium absorption and keeps bones healthy. 

  1. Brazil nuts – Ca content : 158 mg / 100 gm

Brazil nuts contain an abundant amount of Calcium therefore they are a good choice to ensure you’re getting enough of this bone-building mineral. They are also rich in monosaturated fats which promote Ca absorption and increase the flexibility of the bones. 

  1. Hazelnut – Ca content : 109 mg / 100 gm

Hazelnuts are a rich source of oleic acid, magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and vitamin E. They also help in reducing the risk of cancer and aids in maintaining muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestion health. It contains the essential mineral magnesium which helps in regulating the balance between calcium and potassium which is crucial for the maintenance of blood pressure.  

  1. Pistachio – Ca content : 101 mg / 100 gm

Pistachio is filled with a plentiful amount of mineral calcium. The presence of calcium along with monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and antioxidants helps in the regulation of normal blood pressure. 

  1. Walnut – Ca content : 92 mg / 100 gm

Intake of walnut provides great benefits to our body as it contains an abundant amount of Ca, Mg, K which help in the maintenance of normal blood pressure and also promotes bone health. Calcium is an essential mineral for a healthy heart, bones, blood. The proper amount of Ca intake is enough to strengthen your bones and teeth.   

  1. Pecans – Ca content : 69 mg / 100 gm

Pecans offer some wonderful health benefits because they contain an abundant amount of essential minerals and contains monounsaturated fats like oleic acid. Calcium along with phosphorus promote the health of the bones and teeth. They are also required for the proper growth and repair of cells and tissues along with the production of DNA and RNA.

  1. Raisins – Ca content : 51 mg / 100 gm

Raisins are known to provide an enormous number of health benefits some of which includes include relief from constipation, acidosis, anaemia, fever, and sexual dysfunction. These all health benefits are offered due to the presence of many essential nutrients. Calcium is one such mineral that is present in raisins which supports healthy bone growth and helps to maintain joint health. 

  1. Dried apricot – Ca content : 48 mg / 100 gm

Dried apricot is very beneficial for elder women who are more vulnerable to bone fractures due to age-related osteoporosis. The presence of a good amount of calcium in this dry fruit helps in maintaining good bone health. It also helps in arthritis and gout. 

  1. Prunes – Ca content : 43 mg / 100 gm

Prunes are undoubtedly rich in many essential nutrients and provide an endless number of health benefits. The presence of calcium prevents breaking or peeling away of teeth and enamel and makes them stronger. It also contains Boron which prevents the growth of germs as well as whitens the teeth.

  1. Cashew – Ca content : 37 mg / 100 gm

The presence of calcium provides strength to bones and promotes bone growth. It also contains boron which is required for bone formation and calcium absorption. It provides strength to bones and joints and can prove to be beneficial in osteoporosis.

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