Use Tomato This Way To Get Overnight Skin Brightening Treatment

Who wouldn’t like a bright, clear skin?
Glowing and clear skin without makeup can only be made if it is safe.
Thank goodness for our kitchens to treasure some of the most delicious ingredients that can help keep our skin safe naturally.
Of all the ingredients, tomatoes are reported to be superfoods your skin requires.
They are high in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and lycopene-a superstar of medicinal food substances and a source of their bright red color.
Lycopene has been shown to take care of your skin.
We’re showing you how tomatoes help keep your skin healthy and shiny.

You’ll Need:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Tomato powder/ juice
  • Rosewater
  • Argon oil or sweet almond oil
  1. If you choose to make tomato powder, then first, you need to make tomato powder.
  2. You need 2 medium-sized tomatoes and cut them in small chunks.
  3. Cut it like the way you’ll cut tomato for the salad.
  4. Keep this under the sun for at least three days, or until they are completely dry and dehydrated.
  5. It is easier to cut the tomato in a vertical shape so that it can dry out quickly.
  6. When your tomatoes have been dried, you can make them a fine powder by grinding them in a grinding machine.
  7. And if you want, you can strain the powder using a fine strainer.

Alternatively, you can simply take a fresh tomato and then extract its juice.

  1. In a bowl, take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel in a bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon of almond/argon oil.
  2. Mix them really well.
  3. Next, add four teaspoons of pure rose water and blend for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Lastly, add half a teaspoon of the tomato powder or 1 tablespoon of tomato juice and blend.
  5. Your tomato serum is ready to be used and stored in a small container.
  6. Make sure you make a small quantity of serum even so it can last for a week or two.
  7. Keep it in a refrigerator as well, and put a small amount of serum on your face or hand in the night before going to bed.
  8. You may either use it as a cleaner and rinse it off or use it as a moisturizer or as a serum at night.
  9. Keep using it for a month, and you’re likely to see the obvious effects.

If you have open pores on your skin, this serum may be a miracle cure.
Tomato, when applied to the skin, can act as an excellent astringent.
Tomato is helping to get rid of the blackhead.
The presence of vitamin C in tomatoes helps to keep the skin clean.
According to numerous reports, tomatoes act as a natural sunscreen, thanks to the existence of antioxidant lycopene that helps to protect the skin from the harsh effects of ultraviolet ( UV ) rays.
Tomatoes are full of antioxidants, including vitamin C; thus, tomatoes will help reduce the amount of cell-damaging free radicals in your body and give you a young skin.
Tomatoes combat cell destruction, maintain moisture, and thus prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
This property of tomatoes makes them a great anti-aging fruit.
The acidity of tomatoes helps to reduce and clear your acne.
Vitamins A and C present in this fruit are considered to be popular antioxidants that combat inflammation that causes acne.