Skin Whitening Face Mist That You Can Easily Prepare At Home

Apart from creams and lotions, face mists can also play a vital role in skin whitening that could make you look fairer.

This face mist can easily make your skin soft, supple and smooth with a natural radiant glow on it.

In this article, we are going to share a skin whitening face mist recipe that can easily be prepared at your home.

To prepare this face mist, you will need

  • 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel
  • 1 cup of cooled and brewed green tea
  • 2 tsp of coconut oil
  • Half a lemon and
  • A few drops of essential oil of your preference
  1. Firstly, brew 1 cup of strong green tea for a few minutes and remove it from the heat.
  2. Then allow the green tea to cool down for a few minutes.
  3. Now add aloe vera gel into the green tea and mix it well for a couple of times.
  4. After that, take the half lemon and squeeze its extract directly into the green tea.
  5. Then add the other given ingredients into the green tea.
  6. Use a spoon and stir the ingredients well to get a fine mix.
  7. Now transfer this solution into a clean spray bottle and your face mist is ready to use now.
  8. Store the face mist in a cool place to extend its shelf life.
  9. Also, shake the bottle well before every time you use the mist on your face.
  10. Now close your eyes and hold the spray bottle 11 to 12 inches away from your face.
  11. After that spray the mist all over your cleansed face.
  12. Later allow the mist to dry for a few minutes.
  13. Repeat using this face mist as many as times you want every day to get some positive results on your skin.

This face mist can hydrate and boost your skin to appear clean, clear and bright with a refreshing look.

It hydrates your skin and makes you look young and attractive with a sheer look on your face.

This mist can also fight against wrinkles, inflammation, acne, dark spots on your face and prevent them.

Your dull and sticky skin can easily be replaced with flawless, fresh and healthy skin after using the face mist regularly.

When Should I Use The Face Mist?

So preparing the homemade face mist is done.

Now it’s time to know when should the facial mist be used on your face for getting the added benefits.

Here are a few moments in a day to spritz the mist on your face.

  • #1. After waking up in the morning to remove the tiredness
  • #2. Use it in between toning and moisturizing your face.
  • #3. Before applying the makeup to get a flawless skin
  • #4. After applying the makeup to get a seamless finish
  • #5. As many times as you want after going out to set your makeup
  • #6. After completing your workouts for a refreshed feel
  • #7. Before going to sleep for moisturizing it

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