Poreless + Flawless Skin Secret

Pores are very important for our skin to breathe but enlarged open pores can lead to blackheads and whiteheads, and also they make your skin to look bumpy and uneven

There are quick fixes that can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. There are also ingredients and products, that can clear your pores, and helps to make pores smaller.

In this post I will share a long term skin care routine and will also share few quick remedies that works very fast

So let’s start with our artcle, first I will tell you few ingredients that you must include in your skin care routine

Vitamin C is #1 ingredients in this list

Vitamin C is very effective to boost collagen and elastin production of skin, that help to keep your pore size small

Next ingredient that comes into this list is, Niacinamide.

Niacinamide has very a very big checklist of what it can do for your skin.

This is very common ingredient, that is found in essence, it fight against premature aging signs including large skin pores

It is very effective for sun damaged skin too

Vitamin C + Niacinamide is a very powerful combination to restore your skin elasticity. This combination is very safe to use together, and you can very easily include these two in your skin care regime

Last ingredient that comes into this list is, hyaluronic acid.

HA is the natural compound that our skin makes. It keep our skin hydrated, so it looks plump all day.

When you apply hyaluronic acid on your skin, it holds moisture in your skin.

So now once you know 3 most important ingredients for your skin care, let me tell you how to use it

In morning, after cleansing your skin, you can use vitamin C and niacinamide serum on your face.

On top of that you can use HA serum on your face, but if you do not use it separately, you can choose vitamin c and niacinamide serums, that also contain hyaluronic acid in it

After serums application, end your skin care with a layer of moisturiser and SPF on your face

Now coming to night skin care. This time is the best for skin repair and there are some product that can help you with this

In night time first use 4-2-4 method to cleanse your face.

First do face massage for 4 minutes, with very gentle pressure on your skin. For this purpose you can use jojoba oil

After that wash your face with gentle face cleanser for 2 minutes

At last rinse your face with water for 4 minutes, 2 minutes with warm water, and 2 minutes with cold water.

Pat dry your face, and after that we will put a retinoid sandwich on face

First apply a layer of moisturiser on face, on top of that apply a pea size amount of retinoid cream all over your face, and at last put one more layer of moisturiser on face

No other serums are required in night time. Just have a good amount of sleep and wake up with fresh beautiful skin

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