Ananya pandey’s Home remedies, her secret for glowing, youthful skin

Ananya Pandey is the stunning star kid who made her debut with the movie Student of the year 2, is the currently hot favourite of the Bollywood. Even though she is blessed with flawless skin, she recently shared her beauty tips that keep her secret naturally glowing and flawless. Here are two of her favorite DIY’s

DIY#1 : Skin Brightening & Detoxifying Face pack

Here is Ananya Pandey’s favourite DIY face pack and it is very simple. For this face mask you will need just 3 ingredients, which are easily available in your kitchen, these ingredients are:

  • 1 small spoon of turmeric
  • 1 small spoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of curd
  • Cotton ball
  • Some rose water


In a clean bowl , add curd, honey and turmeric, Mix these three ingredients well and this face pack is ready. Before applying this pack, wipe your face with cotton ball , dipped in rose water.

Apply an even layer of the face pack all over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

DIY #2: Natural Exfoliation Face scrub

This is another DIY, that she uses regularly and it is a skin brightening face scrub, for this face scrub, you will need some freshly ground coffee and some coconut oil. Just mix both these ingredients and your scrub is ready. Use this twice a week for naturally glowing skin.


Ananya’s beauty regime :

“I wash my face three times a day and I make sure that I always take off my makeup before I sleep. I put a lot of moisturiser, sunscreen, eye cream and I also sprinkle a lot of rose water on my face.” Says Ananya.

She also drinks a lot of water and swears by it as the main reason for her glowing skin

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