Morning Habits That Will Help You To Lose Weight

Weight loss is not an easy task which could be achieved in a single day and requires a lot of efforts. Have you ever thought that you regular morning routine could do some magic in losing your weight?

In this article, we are going to see 10 most common morning habits that will help you to lose weight.

#1. Drink a lot of water

  • Start every morning by drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water after brushing your teeth.
  • Water has the ability to increase the number of calories that your body burns.
  • Drinking more water will increase the metabolic rate.
  • It effectively detoxifies your body by flushing away all the harmful agents present in it.
  • This will also reduce your food intake and boost the weight loss with minimum effort.
  • Keeping your body stay hydrated can prevent you from many diseases and ill effects.

#2. Eat more protein-rich foods for breakfast

  • Breakfast is known to be the key that could decide your food plan for the entire day.
  • The amount of food you consume for lunch will be based on the food you intake during your breakfast.
  • Consuming more protein-rich foods for breakfast can decrease your appetite for the entire day and help in weight loss.
  • This will cut your cravings and make you feel full during lunch.
  • Some of the protein-rich foods which you can include in your breakfast are eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, chia seeds and nuts.

#3. Open the shades and get some sun

  • Opening all the curtains or spending some time in the early morning sunlight is highly beneficial to your body.
  • Sunlight is known to be the best sources of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D does some hormonal changes in your body and makes you stay energized and fresh throughout the day.
  • This will be a great morning motivation for you to follow some goals like going to gym, sticking to your diet for losing weight.
  • You will not feel lazy or tired even after doing your works.
  • Staying up to 20 to 30 minutes in the early morning sunlight is pretty enough to be fresh and energized throughout your day.

#4. Prefer eating whole foods for breakfast

  • When you eat whole foods, you will take a longer time to eat than usual.
  • This is because your jaw takes more time to chew for a proper digestion than the regular days.
  • This will make your body burn some calories.
  • It is best to choose fiber rich whole foods during your breakfast.
  • Fiber rich whole foods can make you feel full for a longer duration.
  • These foods can offer the energy required for the entire day.
  • Carrots, apple and brown rice are some of the whole foods which are rich in fiber content.

#5. Do some aerobic exercises

  • Exercises are always termed to be one of the best ways to reduce your body weight.
  • But, morning exercise has more advantages than the noon and evening times.
  • This can make your blood sugar level to stay in a balanced level throughout the day.
  • A lower blood sugar level can make you feel tired and hungry which will lead to the consumption of more food.
  • It also results in a better metabolic rate which helps in weight loss.
  • You can also do some stretching exercises by staying at home.

#6. Involve yourself in some physical activity before breakfast

  • You can either go for a walk or jogging before having your breakfast.
  • Many studies have shown that doing more physical activity before having breakfast helps in burning more calories.
  • It makes your body to lose more weight and aid is weight loss.
  • This will encourage your body to rely less on the carbohydrates from food for obtaining the required energy.

#7. Do meditation for a few minutes

  • It is observed that increasing your mindfulness could lead you with smart and better food choices throughout the day.
  • It also prepares your mind and body to stay focused with your goals.
  • So when you plan for a weight loss, meditation can help you to be on track without any disturbances.
  • It makes you stay conscious with your choice of foods and make you consume less food
  • All you have to do is just to sit with your eyes closed and mind focused on your breathe for a few minutes.
  • Meditation also helps in improving your mental and physical health.

#8. Do not oversleep in the morning

  • It is always necessary to have proper sleep for staying healthy and fit.
  • But oversleeping can literally do opposite reactions in your body and make you gain more weight.
  • This will produce more fat cells in your body and make you feel lazy throughout the day.
  • Always have a routine to go early to bed and wake up soon in the morning to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Set up an alarm to avoid oversleeping problems.
  • Oversleeping also affects your metabolic rate and your diet plan which spoils your entire health.

#9. Prepare your lunch and snacks

  • Preparing your lunch and snack in the morning might be a difficult task for some of you.
  • But, this really helps in weight loss to a greater level.
  • This will help you to follow your diet plan without any hindrances.
  • It makes your mind and body to get prepared with the food items and reduce your cravings.
  • You can prepare your lunch and snacks based on your breakfast.

#10. Do some yoga

  • Doing the yoga postures early in the morning is being followed since ancient times.
  • While doing yoga, you stretch your muscles which will make some calories to get burnt.
  • It also helps your body to be in a proper shape without any aging effects.
  • Surya Namaskar also termed as Sun salutation can be the most powerful yoga with maximum benefits.
  • This helps you shed your fat present in your belly region.
  • Some of the other yoga postures for weight loss are Warrior II, Warrior III, planks, triangle, shoulder stand and twisted chair.

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