Mix Sugar To Your Shampoo To Make Hair Unbelievable Super Soft

In the health world, sugar has received positive reviews in the beauty world recently for an ingredient most individuals tend to avoid.
You can exfoliate the scalp and help moisturize your hair by adding a tablespoon to your shampoo.

Step 1
You’ll Need:

  • Regular Shampoo
  • Sugar
  1. Start by wetting the hair and pouring a tablespoon of white sugar over the same amount of shampoo before working it into my scalp, giving it a fast mix with my fingertips.
  2. Adding sugar to your shampoo will make a gloopy mixture.
  3. The granular texture might feel a bit strange as you massage the mixture onto my scalp in small, circular motions.
  4. But once you get used to the texture, it is very relaxing, like a mini at-home spa treatment.
  5. By scrubbing away dead skin cells from the scalp, sugar works its wonders.
  6. Only shampoo your scalp and hair roots, as usual, allowing the mixture to wash the rest of the hair and rinse it off.
  7. If you have sufficient dry ends, try not to douse them in shampoo, which will lose moisture if it contains sulfates.
  8. The sugary shampoo will quickly get rinsed out.
    You’re not going to feel any sugar-paste clumps stuck to the scalp and hair.

The conditioners in your shampoo and conditioner will moisturize your hair more thoroughly without dead skin cells.
Sugar can also “dissolve and rinse off quickly without leaving any hair residue.”
As someone who has thin, fine hair, you’re searching for ways to improve your moisture.
And you might be doubtful of the benefits of adding sugar to your shampoo, but give it a try.

Step 2
You’ll Need:

  • Your Usual Conditioner
  1. Finally, as usual, add a conditioner to your hair, let the product sit for two minutes, and then rinse your hair again.

Step 3

  1. Leave the hair naturally to dry.

The conclusions

  • There was a remarkably nourishing effect on the hair from the sugar-shampoo mix.
  • It will look shiny and even more voluminous than it normally does after your hair has dried out.
  • The biggest difference you’ll note is that it will make your hair feel so much smoother and silkier.
  • Without any snags, you could run fingertips through the tips of hair.
    In particular, the ends of the hair will look and feel less dry than normal.
  • After exfoliation with the sugar, the scalp felt less dry.
  • Not many people have thought about exfoliating the scalp so far, but it makes perfect sense, particularly in the winter, which is essentially the dry scalp season.

What a spoonful of sugar will do is incredible!
Sugar has an acid called PCA (carboxylic acid pyrrolidone) extremely emollient.
That means that the ingredient can also regulate the pH of the hair, seal the hair cuticles, make them look neater, as well as moisturize the hair, and boost both frizz and split ends.
This is because this sweet and powerful ingredient is rich in B complex vitamins (such as B1 and B2), vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus, nutrients that are vital to the health of our hair and can combat dryness strongly, enhance frizz and even function as a capillary scrub, remove residues and give more shine, smoothness and a clean look to your locks.