Make Your Skin Glow In 7 Days

Today in this post, I will share one basic routine that will make your skin clear and will give it super natural glow

In this routine I will share both morning and night routine, to get faster results

AM Routine

Step#1 – Start your day with cleansing. In morning its is better to use mild face cleanser

If you have oily skin, dip a clean cotton ball in buttermilk and wipe your face with this. Apply 2-3 layers of buttermilk on face, leave it for 5 minutes on your face and then rinse your face with plain water

For dry skin, you can use mixture of honey and milk on your face

Step#2 – Toning

For this purpose you can use your regular face toner, but make sure it is alcohol free

If you wanna make your own face toner, you can mix equal parts of rose water and cucumber juice in a clean spray bottle

For acne prone skin, you can also use apple cider vinegar face toner. Mix 1 part of vinegar and 4 parts of distilled water. Store this in a spray bottle, and your toner is ready

Step#3 – Serum

For this purpose I use serums based on actives

First apply few drops of 10% vitamin C serum on your face
After that apply a layer of 10% Niacnamide serum on your face. It is better to use face serums that also contains hyaluronic acid.

Step#4 – Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Apply a layer of your regular face moisturiser on your face followed by a good sunscreen

Always try to use water based moisturiser.

Your AM skin care routine is done here.

PM Routine

Step#1 – Remove Make up & Oil Based Dirt

For this purpose first take few drops of micellar water on a clean cotton pad, and wipe your face with this

Step#2 – Cleansing

In night time I use gentle face cleanser, but I prefer to use market one, as they are more effective to remove dirt from your skin pores

Step#3 – Skin Treatment

Night time is best to treat your skin problems

If you have acne, you can use some benzoic acid cream on your acne as spot treatment.
For premature anti aging, retinoid creams are the best. You can start with tretinoin 0.025%.
Apply a pea size amount of this cream on your full face. Make sure your face is completely dry before applying this cream

Step#4 – Moisturize after 10 Minutes

After 10 minutes, apply a layer of moisturiser on your face, and you’re good to go on bed

You can follow this AM-PM routine daily. Apart from this routine also exfoliate your face once a week to remove dead layer from your face

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