Ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera “Plant of Immortality” – 16 Amazing Benefits for Skin, Hair & Body

The use of aloe vera in herbal medicine has a history of over 5000 years. All civilisations without exception have used the plant as a therapeutic remedy. Aloe vera appears in Chinese and Sumerian writings around 3000 B.C. In the time of the pharaohs, the Egyptians idealised aloe vera and called it “the plant of immortality”. It can be found written on papyrus describing the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It was named by the pharaoh as the “elixir of eternal life”. It is said that Cleopatra used aloe vera on a daily basis. Here are 16 amazing benefits that Aloe vera can provide to skin, hair and body that can be very helpful to you.

1. Treats acne scars: Though aloe vera might also help in treating acne, it is very effective in treating acne scars, the correct way of using it is to apply it to acne scars, twice a day, for as long as it takes to heal.

2.Offers Healthy glow to skin: Frequent application of aloe vera is found to offer health glow to the skin,  the proteolytic enzymes found in aloe vera removes dead cells from the skin, giving a radiant glow to the skin.

3.Treats skin ageing: beta carotene, vitamins C and Vitamin E present in Aloe Vera improve the natural firmness of the skin and together with the hydrating properties, aloe vera effectively maintains skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These components and properties help aloe vera to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin cells which is essential for keeping the skin looking youthful and far away from any wrinkle and fine lines.

4.Treats sunburn, burns, and inflammation:  Auxin and Gibberellins, the two hormones present in the aloe vera, are found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes aloe vera a very effective herb to treat sunburn, burns and skin inflammation.

5.Treats eczema and psoriasis: Among other skin problems, aloe vera is effectively used in treating in eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin, wherein aloe vera gel is applied directly on the skin. People with sensitive skin find aloe vera soaps very soothing.

6.Treats Hairfall: Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes, which is found very effective to eradicate dead cells and it’s alkalizing properties maintains the balance in pH level and thus promote hair growth.

7.Repairs dry and damaged hair: Use of Gel and Puree from the fresh-cut aloe vera leaves are very effective in repairing dry and damaged hair, apart from hydrating the hair, aloe vera contains protein which is necessary for healthy hair.

8.Prevents and cures plaque build-up: Aloe vera is one such herb that provides a host of benefits to improve your overall health. It is very important to maintain good oral health, and rinsing your mouth with aloe vera gel can serve the purpose. Rinsing your mouth with aloe vera juice or chewing an aloe vera pulp will help to prevent plaque build up, bad breath and keep your pearly whites intact.

9.Helps to remedy Canker sores (Mouth ulcers): Ulcers in the mouth can be very annoying and painful and most people suffer from it at some point or other and on occasion. They most commonly appear under the lips and heal by themselves, albeit after about a week or more. Aloe vera gel is also ready to perform miracles in this department too. Application of aloe vera gel speeds up the healing of these canker sore or mouth ulcers, this was proven in a scientific study. Moreover, aloe vera gel also curbs the pain associated with the ulcers.

10.May be effective in preventing and suppressing Cancer growth: Aloe vera contains a lot of polysaccharides in it which provide it with its anti-cancer properties. Aloe vera also holds macrophages that create large amounts of nitric oxide which also provide anti-tumor effects to the aloe vera. All in all, there is scope and evidence there that says that aloe vera can be effective in preventing cancer and there needs to be more studies and research which needs to be done in this matter.

11.Can help alleviate Nausea: No matter the reason or cause behind your nausea, aloe vera juice can help you out. Aloe vera juice can soothe the body and curb any inflammation in it. Hence, it can calm down your stomach and gut and consequently help control the feelings of nausea.

12.Helps control cholesterol levels in the body and also improve your cardiovascular health: Consumption of aloe vera gel provides many benefits to the body, one of it is that it helps purify the blood and make it better and closer to ideal. Consequently, it does that by balancing the levels of nutrients and compounds in the body, one of which is cholesterol. Moreover, it can also enhance and stimulate the production of blood in the body. All this contributes to a better heart, arteries, and blood health as your body becomes more efficient in supplying oxygen and nutrients through the cardiovascular system to the places where they are needed.

13.Helps calm down Acid Reflux: If you are having acid reflux, that is certainly the sign that you should cut down on some of the foods that you like to go to town on. Anyway, you can utilize aloe vera juice to soothe down your stomach and alleviate acid reflux to get rid of pain and discomfort in your core.

14.Helps in digestion:  Aloe vera works as a laxative which makes it easier for the food particles to pass through the intestine, thus helping digestion and providing relief to people suffering from constipation problems. This property is not present in the gel in the aloe leaves, albeit in the latex which is present between the skin and the gel of the leaves. It contains a compound called aloin which is known to have laxative effects and those effects have been well documented too. However, this property does not make it effective against stomach disorders like IBS or IBD.

15.Boosts Immunity: Aloe Vera is a natural source of Vitamin C and thus antioxidants which highly enhance immunity and help fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause various diseases and speed up the aging process in the human body. Basically, aloe vera is packed with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties which make it highly effective in shielding the body from harmful external agents and extending a helping hand to your immune system. Consuming aloe vera juice regularly boosts the immune system and helps you to stay young and fit.

16.Treats Diabetes: In various studies it is revealed that Aloe Vera decreases insulin resistance and also lowers the triglyceride levels in the liver and plasma, hence lowering blood sugar levels.

and the list of benefits of aloe vera doesn’t stop here and they are many more, this is a true miracle herb.

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