How to use henna for hair

Henna is a popular beauty herb found in India and other tropical countries. It has been used as a beauty herb for ages. It is known for its property of leaving a reddish hue on hair and skin. When applied to hair, it gives a reddish-brown colour to the hair making it attractive and lively. It is much better than the other harmful chemical dyes which affect the health of the hair. Henna also works as a great conditioner for hair by locking moisture and nourishing hair follicles. It provides you with a three in one benefit of smooth, shiny and voluminous hair.


Treats dandruff and reduces itchiness

Henna has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which cool and soothes the scalp and maintains scalp health. Henna is thus effective in removing dandruff caused by fungal infection by reducing flakiness and itchiness in the scalp. 

Conditions and colors hair

Henna also deep conditions your hair and adds color to it to give you gorgeous looking hair. It covers grey hairs and gives a burgundy look to the hair without affecting its health of the hair. It is a much better alternative than harmful chemical treatments. It is very effective in cases of premature graying as it effectively converts the grey hairs to a reddish-brown color.

Promotes hair growth

Henna reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth by unclogging pores and maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the hair. it also repairs split ends. 

Maintains pH balance

Henna gives you thick, smooth and glossy hair by maintaining the pH balance of the scalp. Henna repairs damaged locks and conditions hair naturally. Henna mixed with egg is a great remedy for dull and dry hair.

Reduces oiliness

Henna helps in regulating the secretion of oils in the scalp. It nourishes the hair by locking the moisture and protects the hair by forming a layer to safeguard hair from external damage. 


Henna packs to reduce hair fall

  • Henna and mustard oil

Mustard oil is well known for its excellent hair benefits. When combined with henna leaves, it makes the hair healthy and strong and promotes hair growth.

  1. Add some henna leaves to a bowl of mustard oil and boil the mixture until the henna leaves are burnt.
  2. Leave it to cool down at room temperature.
  3. Store the oil in an airtight container and apply it regularly to your hair.
  • Henna and Multani mitti pack

This pack helps in reducing hair fall due to oily scalp.

  1. Mix equal amounts of henna and Multani mitti with water to make a smooth pack.
  2. Apply the pack to your hair.
  3. Wrap your hair with an old towel that is not of much use and leave the pack overnight.
  4. The next morning, wash off the pack using a mild shampoo.
  • Henna, Amla, Fenugreek and Egg white

This pack is very effective in preventing hair loss completely.

  1. Take 1 cup of amla powder, 2 spoons of fenugreek powder, 3 spoons of Henna powder, 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  2. Mix the ingredients well and keep the mixture for an hour before applying it to your hair.
  3. Rinse your hair thoroughly.
  4. Apply this pack once a week.  
  • Henna, coriander and black peppercorn pack

This pack combines the benefits of henna with black pepper and coriander, which are considered as two among the best cures of hair fall.

  1. Soak henna in water overnight.
  2. Make a pack by mixing the henna paste with black peppercorn and coriander leaves.
  3. Mix well and apply the paste to the roots.
  4. Let it stay for two to three hours and then wash off with a mild shampoo.
  • Henna leaves and lemon juice.
  1. Make a pack of henna leaves and mustard oil by boiling and let it cool down at room temperature.
  2. Add some lemon juice and fresh yoghurt before applying the oil.
  3. Rinse as usual with shampoo.


  • Henna powder, lime juice and yoghurt
  1. Mix four teaspoons of henna powder, one teaspoon lemon juice and three teaspoons of yoghurt well to make a smooth, consistent paste.
  2. Apply this paste to the roots of the hair and scalp completely and leave it for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Rinse the hair well using any mild shampoo. 
  • Henna powder, olive oil, water and egg white.
  1. Mix three spoons of henna powder in water to make a thick paste.
  2. Then add olive oil and egg white to make a smooth pack without lumps.
  3. Apply the pack on our hair roots and scalp.
  4. Let it stay and 30-45 minutes before washing with a mild shampoo.
  • Fenugreek, mustard oil and methi
  1. Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight.
  2. The next morning, grind them and add mix them with mustard oil and henna leaves.
  3. Boil the mixture and then let it cool down.
  4. Strain the mixture and add crushed methi leaves to the paste.
  5. Apply the paste on your roots and scalp and let it stay for 30-45 minutes.
  6. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Henna, fenugreek and lemon.
  1. Soak fenugreek seeds in curd overnight.
  2. Next morning, grind the seeds and add them to the mixture of henna and lemon juice to make a paste.
  3. Apply on the scalp and along the length of the hair.
  4. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after 45 minutes. This pack works excellent for removing dandruff from hair.
  • Fenugreek, mustard oil and henna

Henna functions as a remedy for removing dry itchy scalp which causes dandruff.

  1. Soak fenugreek seeds in henna for the night.
  2. Grind it into a smooth paste and add henna powder and mustard oil to the mixture.
  3. Apply over your scalp and roots and let it stay for 45 minutes.
  4. Wash it with a mild shampoo.


Henna is a great conditioner for hair and also adds shine to your hair.

  • Green tea and henna powder
  1. Soak the henna powder in freshly brewed green tea for the night to make a smooth paste.
  2. The next day add mustard oil or beaten egg to the mixture before applying it over your scalp and along the length.
  3. Rinse it thoroughly and shampoo your hair. 
  • Henna and coffee

This henna and coffee mixture provides a gorgeous dark brunette colour to your hair and is excellent for covering all the grey hair.

  1. Boil a mixture of coffee and water for a few minutes then add the mixture to henna powder and stir to make a thick paste.
  2. Section your hair and apply the paste evenly along the length.
  3. Leave it for 3-4 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
  • Henna, egg and honey

Henna is a great natural alternative for covering greys without having to use harmful chemicals on your hair. 

  1. To use this mixture, add egg white and honey to the henna powder.
  2. Apply the paste evenly along the hair length avoiding the scalp.
  3. Leave it for 30-4 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
  • Henna and banana

Henna conditions your hair and makes it smooth, shining and manageable.

  1. Soak henna seeds in water overnight.
  2. The next morning, add mashed bananas to the paste.
  3. Apply the paste on your hair and wash it off after 5 minutes. You can use this in place of your conditioner.


  • Neem, tulsi and henna leaves.

Henna has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties which reduce itchiness and soothe your scalp.

  1. Make a mixture of henna leaves, tulsi leaves and neem leaves in water.
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair and wash it after an hour with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.


  • Henna and aloe vera
  1. Chop the aloe vera leaves and grind them with henna leaves to make a smooth green paste.
  2. Apply the mixture from roots to tips. Make sure to oil your hair before applying to protect hair from colour.
  3. Leave for it 30-45 and wash it after an hour with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
  • Henna and coconut milk.

This mixture not only promotes hair growth but also conditions your hair.

  1. Mix henna powder and coconut milk in a glass bowl to make a paste and apply the paste. Make sure to oil your hair before applying to protect hair from colour.
  2. Rinse off with a mild shampoo after 45 minutes.


  • Henna and black tea

Regular use of henna not only prevents hair fall but also promotes hair growth giving you thick voluminous hair.

  1. To use this pack, soak henna in black tea overnight.
  2. Next morning, add lime juice, egg or a little curd and apply the paste to your hair for 20 minutes wash it off with your regular shampoo.


  • Henna, avocado oil and egg.

This mixture is helpful in repairing split ends and giving you nourished hair.

  1. Make a paste by mixing henna, 3 spoons of avocado oil, egg and water. 
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair and wash it after an hour with a mild shampoo and plain water.
  • Henna, hibiscus, methi, amla and orange peel.

Henna naturally conditions your hair and adds shine to it.

  1. Mix henna powder, hibiscus powder, methis powder, amla powder and orange peel powder in a sufficient amount of curd to make a paste.
  2. Make the paste 1-2 hours before applying it to the hair.
  3. Then wash it off after an hour with lukewarm water.


Henna is a great remedy for many hair problems and does not have any side effects in its original form. However, before applying henna purchased from the market to your hair one must take care of the following precautions.

  • You must ensure that the henna you are using is 100 per cent organic. Many henna powders available in the market are adulterated by adding harsh chemicals such as PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) to improve the results and may sometimes be harmful to your hair and skin. 
  • Such chemicals added to henna can also make your hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. This leads to bad texture, breakage and deteriorates hair growth.
  • The chemical PPD can also cause allergic reactions to your skin if it comes in contact with your skin regularly.
  • If Henna comes in contact with your eyes, it can cause red eyes, irritation, watering in the eyes, etc. In that case, immediately wash your eyes with cold water. 


Q: Can I use henna to dye grey hair?

A: Yes, henna can be used to cover grey hairs. It works pretty well for converting grey hairs into brown. Generally, one application covers all hairs but at times grey hair can be a bit stubborn. If this happens, continue your regular application cycles, it will cover up all the greys eventually.

Q: Is henna effective for dry hair?

A: Henna covers all types of hair-dry, oily, thick, thin, frizzy etc. it reacts with the common element found in all hair, keratin (protein) and thus, works perfectly for all hair types.

Q: Can henna be used on chemically coloured hair?

A: Yes, henna can be used for chemically coloured hair as long as you are using organic henna. Many additives present in poor quality henna powder available in markets can react with the synthetic materials of chemical dyes and result in brittle and unpredictable hair changes.

Q: Is henna colour permanent?

A: Yes, henna gives your hair a permanent colour which stays as your hair colour until your hair grows out or the hair is cut. Sometimes the colour can fade out slowly due to external stress factors, which happens in cases of normal chemical dyes also.  Extreme sun exposure, chlorine bleach and regular shampooing can cause the pigment to fade.

Q: How to prevent staining ears and neckline while applying henna?

A: The best way to prevent staining below the hairline is by applying petroleum jelly or lip balm around your neck. It will prevent the henna from getting absorbed in the skin.

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