Deep Conditioning For Dry, Damaged & Frizzy Hair

A hair that looks tamed and damage-free is very difficult to achieve. There is so much that the scalp experiences that more often than not, it loses its moisture. This leads to hair fall, dandruff and the worst of them all, frizzy hair. While there are a lot of products which can help you in getting smooth frizz-free hair, it sure cannot fix the problem from the roots.

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you the ultimate mask recipe which will help in treating damaged hair while preventing dryness.

Things you will need to make your frizzy hair mask are:

  •  1 small Ripe Avocado
  • 1/2 cup fresh Coconut milk and
  • 1 tablespoon Olive oil
  1. Take a bowl and mash flesh from 1 avocado in it.
  2. Add coconut milk and olive oil to it and mix well to form a paste.
  3. Comb your hair to remove all the knots.
  4. Apply this paste onto your scalp as well as hair and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Use a mild shampoo to rinse the mask off and towel dry hair.
  6. Use this remedy 1-2 times in a week for best results.

Avocado contains proteins, amino acids and vitamins which helps in moisturizing the scalp while rejuvenating it.

It also helps in soothing the scalp while promoting hair growth.

Coconut milk contains fatty acid which helps in hydrating the scalp while treating dry and frizzy hair.

It also contains lactic acid which cleanses the scalp for healthier hair growth.

Olive oil contains antioxidant properties which help in repairing the scalp damage. It prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. It contains fatty acid which hydrates and moisturizes the scalp.

Applying olive oil helps in improving blood circulation which causes faster cell regeneration.

Now that you have the mask which will help in treating frizzy as well as damaged dry hair, here are some quick hacks which can prevent this condition altogether.

Hack #1. Opt for Glycerin-filled Shampoo

  •  A glycerin filled shampoo helps in filling the scalp with moisture whilst preventing dry hair.
  • It penetrates in the scalp and hydrates it from the roots.
  • Glycerin tends to lock the moisture in due to its humectants properties.

Hack #2. Use “Only” Conditioner Twice Every Week

  •  While we tend to use shampoo to cleanse our hair or to tame it down, it isn’t necessary.
  • When you have frizzy hair, use conditioner twice every day in order to treat your frizzy hair problem.
  • The conditioner comes packed with a surfactant, which cleanses the hair whilst locking the moisture in.

Hack #3. Let Hair Dry 90% Before Using Blow-Dry

  • When you have frizzy hair, using a blow-dry can be a terrible option.
  • Using a blow-dry tends to damage the hair which causes it to appear dry and damaged.
  • Instead, let the hair dry 90% and then use the hair drier.
  • This will help in keeping the smoothness locked in while maintaining moisture.

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