How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permanently At Home

Women love to have a flawless skin and wish to look beautiful for various occasions, but the charm or the beauty of the look is reduced by the presence of facial hair especially on the upper lips. They wish to get rid of these hair in the easiest and the most painless way. These unwanted hair on the upper lips are mainly due to hormonal or genetic changes. These small hair on the upper lip are often visible, and are too small to be removed by methods of threading or plucking. These methods are painful and tend to cause redness to the skin post their use to remove hair.

This is a highly sensitive area and utmost care needs to be taken while applying anything or removing hair by any means. Safe home remedies exist that use the ingredients easily available at home so that women can get rid of all small or big, light or dense hair very easily. Whether it is a home based remedy or a very advanced technique of hair removal, it is very important to take necessary precautions to avoid side effects.

20 home remedies to remove upper lip hair permanently at home?

There are many remedies available that can help women to remove upper lip hair permanently at home without any hassle. Some safe and tested home remedies are suggested as follows:

  1. A mixture of turmeric and milk or turmeric and water is a gentle method that removes upper lip hair permanently. While turmeric cleans the skin and makes it soft, milk hydrates and moisturises it. Either of the mixtures can be put on the upper lip in a direction opposite to the direction of the growth of hair. After the paste dries, it can be removed gently and washed with cold water, followed by the application of a cream or moisturizer. 
  2. A sticky paste can be made with the help of egg white, sugar and corn flour. After the paste has been left on the upper lip area for 30 minutes and has dried to form a stiff layer, it can be peeled off and the area can be rinsed with water. The repetition of this remedy twice a week will lower the growth of hair on upper lips and gradually remove them permanently.
  3. Curd, gram flour and turmeric are highly efficient in removal of hair permanently from the upper lip area. They can be mixed together and scrubbed in the direction opposite to the growth of hair to lower the rate of growth of hair.
  4. A thick liquid or jelly like mixture of sugar, lemon and water is used as a painless sugar waxing treatment for permanent removal of hair.
  5. Lemon juice mixed with honey can be left for 15 to 20 minutes after application on the upper lips. A soft cloth soaked in warm water can be used to clean this paste to get soft, smooth and hairless skin.
  6. Lentils soaked overnight can be grinded together with potato and lemon juice. Honey can be added to the paste and the scrub should be applied on the upper lips twice a week to get desirable results. Honey gives a soft and smooth texture to the skin after the removal of hair and prevents redness and itchiness.
  7. Application of corn flour and milk on the upper lips for about 15 to 20 minutes, thrice a week can provide hair free upper lips. This sticky mixture is easy to peel after it has dried over the upper lips and it plucks off the hair as it is removed.
  8. Waxing using brown sugar is a smart and alternative remedy for the permanent removal of the embarrassing upper lip hair.
  9. Chamomile tea and sugar can be put in boiling water until a jelly like liquid is obtained. This mixture when cooled can be applied over the hair on the upper lip using a Popsicle stick. It can be then removed in a way similar to removing wax and can be rinsed with water later.
  10. Gelatin mixed with milk and lavender oil, can be applied on the upper lips. The dried mixture can be peeled off as a mask after sometime. This peel will remove the unwanted hair along with it.
  11. A potato slice can be rubbed over the hair on the upper lips and left overnight. The face can be washed with water in the morning. The growth of the hair on upper lips will be lessened.
  12. Red split lentils can be soaked in milk and made into a paste. The paste is ready to be applied directly on the upper lip area. After the layer of the paste dries, it can be scrubbed first and then rinsed off using water.Chickpea flour mixed with milk is also effective in removing upper lip hair.
  13. Papaya paste with aloe vera or turmeric is also a very soothing way of hair removal from upper lips.
  14. Masoor dal can be soaked in water and made into a paste by addition of milk. This pack can be applied over the unwanted hair and scrubbed off with water once it is dry.
  15. Egg white and turmeric are mixed to form a paste and applied over upper lips. The hair are removed along with the peel of the applied egg white and turmeric mask.
  16. Rice flour and yoghurt paste should be used twice a week to have visible results. This thick paste is soft to the skin and does not cause irritation.
  17. Chana dal flour is the oldest remedy to remove unwanted hair. The flour can be mixed with water and a pinch of turmeric to form a paste and can be left for 15 minutes over the upper lips. Warm water can be used to scrub off the pack.
  18. Oatmeal mixed with banana is also a great scrub for removing hair. Oatmeal can also be mixed with lemon juice along with honey for the same purpose.
  19. Besan mixed with milk or yoghurt gives a soothing skin after removing hair from the upper lips.
  20. Wheat flour can be made into a dough using water, milk or yoghurt and rubbed vigorously over the upper lips. The dough will pluck the hair follicles and remove them from the roots.
  • What are the precautions to take while removing hair?

Any method or technique that is applied to the skin or to any body part is likely to have some reactions or side effects as each person’s body react in a different way. Whether the methods are homely and traditional or advanced and artificial, one should keep in mind certain precautions while removing hair of the upper lip area as it is very sensitive. Some simple precautions that women can keep in mind and follow are as follows:

    1. While removing hair from the upper lips, it should be ensured that the quality of the wax and wax strips is good so that it does not harm the skin.
    2. To prevent burns on the upper lip, the wax should be applied only after it has cooled down. 
    3. It is important to apply ice, moisturizer or an antiseptic after any hair removal method.
    4. The upper lips should be cleansed with a facial cleaner prior to waxing to provide enough moisture to the skin. 
  • If you use a razor for shaving your hair from the upper lips, have one for your own and do not share with anyone or use someone else’s razor.
  • Myths and facts about hair removal 

Hair removal is a very easy process and can give women beautiful and smooth skin in an effective way. But there are many myths and facts associated with the removal of hair from upper lips which are given as follows:

  • MYTH: Shaving hair from the upper lips or other parts of the fact will cause their re growth faster with darker and thicker hair.

FACT: The roots of the hair are about 4 layers deeper than the skin. Thus any object moved over the upper lips to remove these hair cannot effect the thickness of the hair, alter the pigment to make it darker or the even make the hair grow faster.

  • MYTH: Removing upper lip hair through waxing from an early age ensures les hair on the upper lips as an adult.

FACT: Waxing does not guarantee that as an adult there would be no hair on the upper lips due to continuous waxing at an early age, but it does reduce the growth of hair over the years depending on the skin type.

  • MYTH: Wrinkles appear on the upper lips due to frequent waxing.

FACT: Collagen in the skin is responsible for its firmness. Any disruptions in the skin might lead to the reduction of collagen but it reduces with age and hence wrinkles are caused. Wrinkling is also caused by smoking and poor nutrition. It is not entirely due to waxing.

  • MYTH: Waxing is more painful than other hair removing products and the technique of epilation

FACT: The pain is caused by the removal and plucking of hair and not the removal of wax. Therefore all methods cause similar pain.

  • MYTH: The laser treatment for removal of upper lip hair is the best.

FACT: All methods work in a similar way for hair removal. In case of laser the hair are not permanently removed. They just regrow slowly as compared to other methods.

  • Pros and Cons of hair removal

Every technique has some advantages and disadvantages related to it. First, we will discuss the pros related to hair removal from upper lips which are as follows:

  1. One gets smooth and hairless skin in a convenient way. The hairless upper lips enhance the look and beauty.
  2. Home-based remedies and waxing are less expensive and are affordable.
  3. Threading does not cause any swelling or redness.
  4. The hair that regrow after threading and waxing are very fine and easier to remove later.
  5. Most of the techniques give instant results easily. 

There are some disadvantages also which are associated with these simple techniques of hair removal. The cons of removing upper lip hair are as follows:

    1. Hair removal from upper lips through waxing, tweezing and threading can cause the hair to regrow faster.
    2. Coarse and dark hair regrow when shaved using razor.
  • If the skin is sensitive waxing can cause allergic reactions on the upper lips.
  • Shaving removes the upper lip hair only from the surface, which grow back easily.
  • Tweezing to remove hair can be time-consuming and lead to asymmetrical growth of hair on upper lips later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Women have different situations while removing hair from the upper part of the lips and hence we provide a set of frequently asked questions to help them deal with their problems.

Will plucking hair from the upper lips to remove them affect the skin and if the growth of the hair would extend to the cheeks?

If you have been plucking hair from the upper lips without any issues, it is safe for you and will not have any adverse effects on your skin apart from redness. There is one suggestion you should keep in mind to prevent thick hair from growing on your cheek that is do not pluck hair from very deep within the roots. You can also try threading as it is simpler and less painful that plucking.

Does removal of hair from the upper lips cause darkening of the upper lip skin?

Yes, frequent and excessive waxing, plucking, bleaching, shaving, or threading the upper lip hair can cause darkness to the upper lips. Moreover, there can be other reasons like smoking also for the upper lips to darken.

Which treatment is suitable for very dense hair growth on upper lips?

Laser treatment is highly suitable for excessive growth on the upper lips. Laser hair removal is less painful and more effective as the hair regrow at a slower rate.

How safe is the laser hair removal technique for upper lips?

It is the most suitable method for women who have very light skin but dark and thick hair growth on the upper lips. It is safe as the technology used is very efficient and advanced.

If one needs to remove hair permanently from the upper lips through laser treatment how many sessions are required and what should be the time gap between each session?

Generally, an individual needs about 8 to 12 session for complete removal of hair from the upper lips which are equally scheduled in a span of 8 to 12 weeks. However, it varies from individual to individual as the hair growth cycle and the type of hair on the upper lips are different.

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