20 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Eye Bags Naturally

Our fast-paced life often results in permanent damage to our bodies. The need to incorporate everything from personal to professional life in the twenty-four hours bracket is degrading our health. One such telltale sign is the bags under our eyes. Also known as preorbital puffiness in the medical world, this condition leads to swelling around our eyes. This situation arises due to fluid build-up in the skin around the eyes.   

Twenty Home Remedies to treat bags under eyes 

Green Tea (Bags): Green tea is beneficial if you consume it. But, for the bags under the eyes, it is advantageous if you dab a cotton ball in green tea dust and chilled water and keep it on your eyelids for about fifteen minutes. Using a green tea bag would also do the trick! The natural herbal qualities of green tea will certainly help you get rid of puffy eyes. Repeat the process daily.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a blessing to your skin. From treating sunburns to helping you get rid of bags under your eyes, aloe vera comes in handy in a lot of situations. The method to apply it is also trouble-free. You can use the natural Aloe Vera plant or you can the bottled version (easily available in stores). Extract the gel from plants and apply it under your eyes.  This process can be repeated multiple times.

Cucumber: The goal is to give your eyes a cool and relaxing time. It will automatically lead to better skin quality. Cucumber comes with cooling qualities which can give your eyes immediate relief. Simply put sliced cucumber over your eyes for at least 20 minutes and you can see the difference yourself. A chilled cucumber would be ideal for this process. Repeating this process several times a day would give effective results.

Frozen Strawberries: Apart from making healthy smoothies, frozen strawberries can do wonders for your skin. The process to use this fruit is simple. Remove the upper part of the strawberry (the leafy side) and freeze the remaining fruit. Once it freezes, slice the strawberry into two parts and keep them in your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.  This process can be repeated twice a week

Castor oil: Having puffy eyes in the morning is a common phenomenon. To get rid of this, simply massage castor oil around your eyes for a few minutes before taking bath. Doing this at least twice a week will improve your condition.

Hot water and salt: Reduce the bags under your eyes by using lukewarm water and salt. Once you mix salt and water, you can either wash your face with it or soak cotton balls and place them over your eyes for a few minutes. Both the methods are equally effective in bringing the swelling down. Repeating this process at least thrice a week is would give better results.

Milk:  A trick you can use every day to avoid puffy eyes include cotton balls dipped in chilled milk. Apply these balls over your eyelids for 20 to 30 minutes and relax. The difference would be very much evident. Repeat this process daily.

Potato:  Refrigerate the potato for a few minutes and cut it into halves once it is chilled. Apply these slices over your eyes and ensure that they cover the puffed areas as well. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and witness the diminished eye bags yourself. Repeat this process thrice a week.

Egg White: Separate egg yolk from egg white and beat egg white in a separate bowl. Use a brush and apply it around your eyes. Let it stay for twenty-five minutes and later wash it with tepid water. Not only will it help in reducing puffiness, it would also make your skin tighter and would help you fight bags under eyes condition in the longer run. Repeat this process twice a week.

Chilled Spoon: This remedy requires nothing but a bowl full of ice cubes and two spoons. Put the spoons in the bowl till they are ice-cold. Apply these spoons to your eyes and repeat the process as long as you wish to. Repeating this process several times a day would give better and effective results.

Rose Water: Soak cotton balls with rose water and apply them under your eyes. You can either make this water at home or purchase it from a store. Repeat this process every day.

Vitamin E Oil: Since this situation is also caused due to ageing; using Vitamin E oil can help you fight it better. Vitamin E oil is enriched with agents which can fight wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Simply massage this oil around your eyes and see the difference. Doing this process every day would be helpful.

Neti Pot: Cold and sinus can also be the reason behind puffy eyes. The best way to reduce it is the Neti Pot remedy. Fill the pot with 0.5 litres of water and one teaspoon salt. Insert the spout of Neti Pot in your left nostril and tilt your head in the opposite direction so that the water can move within your nostrils. The water will flow out from your right nostril. Make sure that you do not talk, sniff, swallow or laugh while doing this. Repeat this exercise with your right nostril as well.

Baking Soda: Add one teaspoon of baking soda in hot water and dip a few cotton balls in it. Apply these cotton balls over your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. Remove these balls and wash your face with cold water. You can repeat this remedy once or twice a day. Make sure you moisturise your skin afterwards. Repeat this process twice a week.

Lemon Juice: Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of full cream milk. Soak a few cotton balls in it.  Once completely soaked, apply these balls over your eyelids. Let the cotton air dry. Rinse your face with cool water once you remove these cotton balls. The process can be repeated twice a day. 

Coffee Grounds: Add half a teaspoon of ground coffee beans with one teaspoon of coconut oil and a pinch of black pepper powder. Apply this mixture under your eyes and make sure you avoid getting this mixture in your eyes. Let it dry for 10 to 12 minutes. Do not wash your face to remove the mixture. Use a face wipe or cotton balls dipped in water to wipe them from your face. This can be performed several times a week. 

Petroleum Jelly: Gently massage the jelly around your eyes each night before going to bed. The moisturising qualities of petroleum jelly will bring down the swelling in no time. Repeat this process each night and you can witness the change yourself.  

Vitamin K: indulging in a diet full of Vitamin K can make a huge difference to your puffy eyes. The deficiency of Vitamin K is one of the many reasons you get bags under your eyes. Adding leafy vegetables would certainly help you a lot. 

Witch Hazel: It works wonderfully if you are looking for tightening your skin. Apply cotton dabbed with witch hazel over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and you can get rid of swollen eyes in no time at all. Repeating this twice or thrice a week will not leave behind any side effects. 

Water: Bags under the eyes is one of the ways your body is telling you to drink more water. A lot of our problems will be reduced if we incorporate more liquid into our diet. Hence, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day would be ideal. It will keep you hydrated, active and make your skin look healthier and younger. 


Six Causes of Bags Under Eyes 

  • Sleep:  Not getting enough sleep will not only make you lethargic, it will also give you bags under your eyes. Also known as a prime factor behind weight gain, the lack of sleep gathers the excess fluid in the form of tissues under our eyes. This fluid would have been flushed out of your body if you gave it enough sleeping hours. Dark circles also tend to appear due to lack of sleep. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours, then, becomes a necessity if you wish to get rid of these health issues – dark circles, bags under eyes, weight gain.


  • Aging:  This natural and unavoidable phenomenon can also be the reason behind your preorbital puffiness. With growing age, the fat under our skin tends to droop and the misplacement of such fat will lead to bags under the eyes. Also, the ligaments holding this fat together will weaken with the passage of time and will lead to the sagging of skin, making these bags more evident on our faces.

  • Lifestyle: We expose our body to several things during the day and all these things come with certain side effects. From our eating habits to what we apply to our skin, everything makes the difference. One such thing in our diet which promotes these bags is salt. Indulging in the salt heavy diet for dinner is bound to give you bags under your eyes the next morning. Consuming salt in high quantities will dehydrate you, forcing your body to hold on to the excess water present( in our body)  in order to avoid further dehydration. This situation will automatically lead to preorbital puffiness. Another thing which you should avoid at all costs is going to bed with make-up. This procrastinating habit of yours will give you skin with pimple breakouts, wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. But removing your make-up in a rush will also affect your skin negatively. Doing it gently is the only proper way to remove your make-up.


  • Medical Reasons: At times, several medical conditions lead to this preorbital puffiness. Several skin disorders such as dermatitis, Hypothyroidism, Dysfunction of tear glands, Nephritic syndrome are also responsible for such conditions. Getting in touch with a doctor, then, becomes mandatory! You might also find yourself in this situation if you wear contact lenses on a daily basis.
  • Smoking: Think again if you thought that the negative effects of smoking were limited to the lungs. It also plays a vital role in damaging your skin. Due to the constant contact with tobacco fumes, a smoker’s body is dehydrated and in order to avoid it from dehydrating further, his/her body would retain water in the area below their eyes, making them look puffy and baggy. Even your sleeping pattern is heavily affecting due to this smoking habit. A smoker will tend to have poorer night’s sleep because he/she would experience nicotine withdrawal during the night, which would affect their sleeping pattern and ultimately lead to poor skin with wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. 
  • Genetics: If this condition runs in your family, chances are that you would inherit it too. If your parents or grandparents have puffy eyes, you would automatically get them. 


  • Sleep Well: Having a proper sleeping schedule will cut down half of your health issues. Hence, it is advisable to get at least 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Also, avoid using smartphones before sleeping. Reading from a book is more beneficial than reading from your phone or laptop.
  • Avoid Smoking: The dual benefit of avoiding smoking is that it would make your body healthy both inside and out. From making your lungs healthy to giving you healthy and glowing skin, avoiding cigarettes has a lot of benefits.
  • Eat Healthy Meals: As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons for having bags under the eyes or dark circles is not having a proper, vitamins filled meal. Vitamin K deficiency might be the reason you have puffy eyes. Adding green leaves and vegetables to your diet can make all the difference.
  • Avoid Salty Food: Having too much salt is never a good idea. Junk food is full of salts that will make your skin weak and unhealthy. Cutting them out of your meal would be the right thing to do.
  • Look After Your Allergies: Taking proper medicines for your allergies would help you avoid getting puffy eyes. Keeping a check on your allergies, then, becomes a necessity.
  • Avoid Caffeinated Drinks: Too much of anything is harmful. Be it cold drinks, coffee or tea. Keeping a check on these drinks is the key to getting healthy and glowing skin.
  • Look After your eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes, remove the eye make-up as soon as you reach home and also avoid using sunscreen with high SPF levels around your eyes. These are a few of the things you can do to keep your eyes calm and relaxed. 

OTC Products Effective For Bags Under Eyes 

  1. Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel: A brand that provides you with natural products. It contains almond extract, Himalayan water, honey, and nutmeg oil and seaweed extract which comes with no side effects. This product is also very budget-friendly and you can carry it wherever you wish to. Price: $3.11 for 15 grams. 
  • Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream: Another natural product that can help you look more fresh and healthy. This product claims to reduce dark circles and wrinkled if used regularly
    Price: $2.58 for 15 grams. 
  • L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream: A leading brand that can help you look more presentable by concealing the bags under your eyes. By curbing pigmentation problems, brightens your under-eye area and provides immediate (although short-lived) relief from puffy eyes.
    Price: $9.84 for 15 ml
  • Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating And Correcting Eye Gel: This budget-friendly and herbal brand claim to help you fight problems like puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. through its rejuvenating properties.
    Price: $3.83 for 10 grams. 
  • Khadi Under Eye Gel: This herbal under eye gel can be your substitute for home remedies. By giving your skin a cooling effect, this gel moisturizes your skin thoroughly. Price: $4.06 for 50 grams. 
  1. NIA Fake Awake Triple-Action Eye Gel: Not having enough sleep, sometimes, becomes the reason behind these bags under our eyes. The immediate solution to show that your skin is healthy and glowing is given to you by this product. Fake it till you make it!
    Price: $36 
  2. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream: An eye cream that helps you fight the puffy eyes and also makes you look flawless by serving as a primer for your skin. The cool soothing effect of this cream helps you fight ageing and also makes you look beautiful. What more can we possibly ask for?
    Price: $27

Frequently Asked Questions 

                     Questions                           Answers 
What kind of teabags shall I use in order to remove bags under my eyes? The normal, easily available teabags are ideal for the process of removing these bags under your eyes.
Why my eyes are so puffy in the morning? Blinking is an essential exercise for your eyes. When we are sleeping, we do not perform this mandatory thing and hence wake up with slightly puffy eyes in the morning. 
Will applying Make-up make this situation worse? As long as you are going to bed with a clean sans makeup face, you won’t have to worry about anything. 


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