Herbal Face Wash Powder

Cleansing Grains are dry, powder-based formulations of botanical ingredients, which are combined with water right before use and blended to make a soft paste.
The soft paste is used as an effective daily cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin.

You’ll Need:

  • 25% oats
  • 20% arrowroot powder
  • 20% ground almond meal
  • 20% milk powder
  • 15% ground rice/ rice flour

Store in a cool, dry position to prevent the entry of moisture or moisture into the container. If stored correctly, the cleaning grains should last for approximately 6 months.

In this cleansing grain formula, there are no broad-spectrum preservatives added, so it is important not to allow water or moisture to enter the packaging and contaminate the product. Since it includes dried botanical ingredients, it provides a perfect atmosphere for the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms until water is added. Just prior to use, water should only be applied to a limited amount of washing grains.

To Use:

  1. Take a small amount of dry powdered grain (about 1 tsp, or 5ml) in your hand or a very small cup, and add a few drops of water to the cleansing grain and mix it into a paste.
  2. The more water is added, the more liquid the paste is added, while a denser quality paste results in less water.
  3. Dampen the face with water and gently apply the paste to the face and cleanse, avoiding the eye area, as you would a regular facial cleanser.
  4. Rinse your face and dry softly with a towel.

IMPORTANT: It is important not to let the water reach the container of cleansing grains, as it will enable micro-organisms to grow and destroy the cleansing grains.

Fine-ground; soothes, calms, anti-inflammatory, gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin; or use oat flour or oat bran.
Oats aid with the absorption of the skin’s excess fat.
It is a natural cleanser and also acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin cells.
It will rid the pores from all the dirt and oil and make the skin look smoother.
Daily use of oats on the skin decreases pores’ exposure and treats skin inflammation.
Oats are well-known for skin lightening properties, so the skin is even-toned.
In addition to this, oats can kill acne-causing bacteria from the skin and also make it free of acne.
Arrowroot powder-or you can use rice starch/powder to exfoliate more effectively helps mix solution together, exfoliates the skin gently.

Ground almond meal gently exfoliates, leaves the skin balanced and feeling smooth.
The fatty acids and vitamin E present in almonds help to nourish, soften, and smooth the skin.
The use of almonds helps lighten the skin and enhance the texture of the skin.
It gives radiance to the skin and protects it from sun damage.
Milk powder gently exfoliates, softens, balances, and hydrates the skin (contains natural fats).
Milk powder contains lactic acid, which, when used over time, will lighten dark spots and sun damage.

Rice Flour:
In the Asian beauty routine, rice has its own special place.
There are many items using rice as their basis on the market.
Rice is recognized for its relaxing effect.
It also helps to reduce blemishes and to compensate for the skin tone.
Rice is remembered for regulating the unsustainable production of oil.
In your beauty routine, daily use of rice imparts a gentle glow and brightens your skin tone.

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