Easy Hacks To Grow Long Beautiful Nails

The entire world is divided into two kinds of people. One, who spends most of their hard-earned money on keeping their nails manicured and pedicured and the other half, who doesn’t care about them at all. Nails are lifeless minute things on the body however, they can add the element of chic to your look. A grown, well-kept nail can automatically bring all attention to you.

In today’s article, we will share some effective hacks which will help in growing the nails long and beautiful.

Hack #1. Cuticle Oil

  • Cuticle oil works like a moisturizing agent which helps in making them grow.
  • Excess dryness can dry the cuticles and also break nails from between.
  • Using cuticle oil helps in providing the nails nourishment to treat the damage from the roots.

Hack #2. Soak Often

  • Most of the nail damage happens when dirt and impurities settle in/on them.
  • Soaking your fingers in hot water helps in removing these impurities and softening the skin.
  • You can then exfoliate it to remove dead skin cells and impurities off.

Hack #3. A base Coat Goes a Long Way

  • Applying a base coat helps in strengthening the nails which prevent them from bending and breaking.
  • There are a lot of strengthening base coats which comes packed with oils that not only help in strengthening the nails but also to improve its condition.

Hack #4. Moisturize Dry Cuticles

  • Keeping the cuticles moisturized is the most important part when it comes to growing nail health.
  • Pushing them back is also important when it comes to growing the nails faster and better.
  • The best time to do this is after the shower.

Hack #5. Never Cut Your Cuticles

  • While there are a lot of sources which stated that you should cut the cuticles for healthy nails, I don’t agree to them.
  • Cuticles work as a protective layer for the matrix which helps in keeping the nails healthy.
  • However, cutting them will expose them to damage.
  • This will weaken the cells while decreasing faster nail growth.

Hack #6. Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools

  • Grown long nails are very beautiful to look at.
  • However, we also tend to use these long nails as tools.
  • Be it scraping a sticker to opening tight lids, we tend to use our nails for everything.
  • This weakens the nails and exposes them to damage.

Hack #7. Prevent gel and acrylic

  • You must let your nails breathe for it to remain healthy.
  • While you might love colouring and experiment with your nails, you must give them some break and keep them away from chemicals.
  • Make it a routine to keep your nails paint free for at least 1 week in an entire month.

Hack #8. Manicure Regularly 

  • Manicures help in cleansing and nourishing the nails as well as your fingers.
  • Manicure work like facial for hands, it cleanses, exfoliates and rejuvenates the nails.
  • Getting your hands scrubbed with the right products and to get your cuticles pushed on a timely manner will keep them healthy and growing.

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