Do’s and Don’ts For Oily Skin

There are different kind of skin types that exist in the world. One amongst them is oily skin. It is a type where the skin is always oily due to excess secretion from sebaceous glands.

In this article, we will be sharing with you, the absolute do’s and don’ts for oily skin.

The Absolute Do’s

Moisturize Everyday

  • Most people with oily skin tend to skip moisturizers.
  • However, you must use a moisturizer to promote excess sebum production.
  • When you cleanse your face and don’t moisturize, your sebaceous gland sense a lack of moisture and release excess oil.
  • You can choose a light moisturizer or a gel-based moisturizer to prevent clogging.

Use non-comedogenic products

  • While your skincare might not have comedogenic properties, your makeup might have it in its ingredients.
  • Therefore it is important that you choose the right products which help in preventing the clogged pores and in turn excess oiliness.

Use Peels

  • It is suggested to not use excess exfoliation as it can damage the pores and cause excess oiliness.
  • If you want to skip it altogether, you can choose peel masks.
  • You can use them just on your problematic area and leave the rest of your face aside.

Follow a skincare routine

  • For someone with oily skin, it is a must that you follow a proper skincare routine.
  • Not following one can expose your skin to impurities and skin damage.
  • Always cleanse, tone, moisturize and SPF your skin to protect it from damage.

Stress Less

  • Stressing a lot can also activate the sebaceous gland and promote excess oiliness.
  • Following yoga or any method of calming yourself down will work brilliantly to prevent skin damage due to stress.


  • SPF is considered to be very sticky and thick for protection.
  • Therefore, most people with oily skin tend to avoid it.
  • However, you must choose either a light or a gel-based sunscreen on your skin.
  • Sun exposure can cause acne to flare up which would cause excess oiliness.

The Absolute Don’ts

 Over Cleanse 

  • It is a myth that over-cleansing oily skin will help in keeping excess oil away.
  • When you over-cleanse your face, you strip it off the natural oils which in turn cause the sebaceous gland to produce more oil.

Try Different Products

  • When you have oily skin, you must experiment with different products to keep it healthy and repaired.
  • Try to keep the products natural.
  • This way, you will be able to add the benefit of multiple products on your skin without damaging it.

 Keep your sheets, phone and pillowcase cleansed

  • Your sheets, pillowcase and phone attract the maximum amount of bacteria.
  • The dead skin that your body sheds settles on the sheets and then clog your pores when sleeping on it. This cause excess oiliness.
  • The excess oil from your skin transfer to the phone screen which then again clog your pores and cause problems like acne.

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