Colgate to get fairer hands and feet

Pampering sessions do not necessarily have to be expensive, your hands/feet deserve some TLC and you can do that right at the comfort of your home! That too by using some of the most common ingredients from your pantry !!

Today in this post I am going to share one super easy trick where you can use plain white toothpaste to get fairer hands and feet in just few minutes of time.

You will need only 2 ingredients

  • White colgate paste
  • Coffee powder

Steps To Follow:

All you have to do is mix pea-sized amount of toothpaste with a sachet of instant coffee powder in a bowl.

Give it a good mix, and add aloe vera gel along with any talcum powder of your choice to it. Mix it nicely and apply the paste all over your hands and feet.

Let it stay for about 15 minutes until it is dry and flaky. Then wet your toothbrush and just scrub your hands/feet with it. 

Rinse it odd and ta-da, enjoy beautiful hands/feet instantly

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