Mirror Like Glossy Skin In 7 Days

In this post, we will share very basic skincare steps, that will help you to achieve glowy, radiant and no pores visible skin. In this routine we have used all-natural ingredients, they will work for sure, but you have to be consistent and patient with this routine.

So, let’s start with step#1

  1. For this, you will need raw milk. Dip a clean cotton ball in some milk and spread it evenly on your face.
  2. Leave it for 5 minutes on your face or until it dries completely. If you have acne-prone or super oily skin, you can use cucumber juice instead of milk
  3. No need to rinse your face here.


  1. For this take juice of half tomato in a bowl.
  2. Add 1 spoon of honey to this, mix and your natural exfoliator is ready.
  3. Apply this solution on your face and massage your face in an upward motion for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Let it dry for 5minutes and then rinse your face with cold water.

Steps #1 and 2 will deep cleanse your skin and will also remove dead cells from your face.

The final step of this routine is moisturization

  1. For this step, just take some aloe vera gel and pat it lightly on your face.

Do these 3 steps daily and in just 1 week, you will get skin that shines naturally like a glass.

Apart from this routine, there are some products also that will help you to get better skin

  • You can include 10% Niacinamide serum in your daytime skincare. Just a few drops of this serum, pat it lightly on your face before moisturization.
  • Also, it is better to use retinoid cream at night, as they prevent acne and at the same time prevent premature ageing signs on your face.
  • If you have dry skin, first apply your moisturiser and on top of that apply a pea-size amount of retinoid cream.
  • Never forget sunscreen when you are going out in the daytime.

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