Big Pores To Fine Pores

Today in this post, we will share my golden tips and DIYs that will help you in pore tightening. Pores are little openings on the surface of our skin. Healthy skin pores are not visible, and they produce sebum. Sebum lubricates our skin and makes it waterproof. Sometimes when we don’t follow the right skincare routine, oil and dirt start to accumulate in our pores, which increases the size of pores. Many times we use harsh products on our skin, that damage our skin cells and cause large skin pores.

Rule#1 – Use a gentle face cleanser

  • When your pores are visible it means that your skin needs gentle skincare.
  • Make sure you use only a mild face cleanser with a pH level of 5 or 5.5.

Rule#2- Niacinamide and Vitamin C

To shrink your large open skin pores, the first thing that you need is collagen boosting. Both niacinamide and vitamin C can help you in this. It is better to use niacinamide serum in the daytime and vitamin C at nighttime. Also make sure that your face serum contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple.

  • It doesn’t matter what is your skin type, niacinamide can be your best friend.
  • You can use a face serum with 10% niacinamide.
  • For best results, use this pack twice a week.

Rule#3 – Yogurt Nutmeg Face Pack Twice A Week

To make this pack, you will need

  • Yogurt – 2 spoons
  • Nutmeg powder – 1/4 tsp
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  1. In a clean bowl, mix all the ingredients and your pack is ready.
  2. Apply a layer of this pack all over your face.
  3. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with plain water.
  4. After this mask, spray some rose water on your face and you’re done.

This mask will deep clean your skin pores and will also remove dead skin cells.

Rule#4 – Never try to remove blackheads or whiteheads

  • When you have large skin pores, blackheads are very common on your nose area.
  • But make sure you don’t try to squeeze them, as it will increase your pore size further.

Rule#5 – Avoid oil-based products

  • When choosing products, make sure all your products are either water-based or gel-based.
  • Oil-based products are a nightmare for skin with large skin pores.

Rule#6 – Avoid Dairy products

Dairy products can boost sebum production, which will make your large skin pores worse.

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