Bedtime Skin Care Routine For Winter Season

With our busy and hectic schedules, we all just want to reach our homes and retire to sleep. However, this is wrong on so many levels.

You sit around dust and impurities the entire day. These settle on the skin and cause skin damage. And who can forget the chemical infused makeup that we use every day? To remove all this off our face, it is important that we follow an intense bedtime skincare routine to prevent skin damage.

In today’s article, we will share a step by step routine which will help you in getting a skin that is spotless and young.

Make sure that you follow it without skipping a day and you will get the skin that you have always desired.

Step #1 Makeup Removal

  • The first step when it comes to the bedtime skincare routine is to remove the makeup.
  • It is a must that you remove the makeup before sleeping as not doing so can clog the pores and cause skin damage like pigmentation and acne.
  • The best method to remove makeup off the face is by using an oil cleanser.
  • An oil cleanser targets the dirt as well as the oil-based makeup and removes it from the deepest layer.

Step #2 Cleansing

  • Once you are done removing your makeup, it is time for an intense cleanse.
  • A foam or a gel-based cleanser will work on the pores and remove impurities from there to prevent any sort of pore damage.
  • For this, you can opt for a cleanser that best suit your skin type.
  • If you have dry skin opt for a moisturizing cleanser.
  • If you have sensitive skin, opt for a cleanser which balances your pH.

Step #3.Toner

  • A step that’s skipped by most, toner is essential if you are following a skincare routine.
  • It hydrates the skin and provides it nourishment.
  • Due to its consistency, a toner can easily penetrate the skin and repair the damage faster.
  • There are endless toners available in the market.
  • From ageing to pigmentation, there is toner for all skin problems and you can choose the one which best serves your needs.

Step #4. Serum

  • If you are facing skin problem or if you want to rejuvenate your skin, it is a must that you include a serum in your routine.
  • Using a serum especially in the night work wonders for the skin as the skin goes in a repair mode during the night.
  • It targets the problematic zones and treats them permanently.
  • If you are opting for a natural serum, include ingredients like glycerin, vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel to reverse the ageing signs and for a rejuvenated skin.

Step #5. Moisturizer

  • The last but the most important step is hydration.
  • Be it any skin type, it is a must that you hydrate it by using an ample amount of moisturizer on it.
  • A moisturizer locks the goodness of the cleanser, toner as well as the serum.
  • If you have oily skin, don’t refrain from using a moisturizer.
  • You can opt for a gel-based one to prevent pore-clogging.

Step #6. Spot Treatment (Optional) 

  • This step is strictly for people with an acne problem.
  • Using spot treatment on acne helps in treating them faster and better.
  • All you have to do is opt from natural ingredients like aloe vera, apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil and apply it on your acne.
  • Let it work overnight and you will get a spotless skin within no time.

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