Apply This For 30 Days, All White Hair Will Turn Into Black

As per the science, when melanocytes cells present on our scalp does not produce enough melanin pigment, hair starts to turn grey

If you ask about ayurveda, if there is any kind of imbalance in your body, especially if pitta dosha(fire element) increase, hair starts to turn grey

Both theories are correct, as per them there are 5 main cause behind premature gray hair

  • Stress
  • Improper Diet
  • Pollution
  • Sun Exposure
  • & Lack of Sleep

Today I this post, I will share 3 DIYs, that are very effective to stop premature hair graying and with regular use they can also turn grey hair into black again

DIY #1 – Oral Use

For this diy, you will need

Amla powder
& Branmi powder

Take equal amount of both powder, mix them and your diy is ready
Store this in a clean jar
Daily in morning take 1 glass of warm water
Mix 1 spoon of this powder in water and drink it at least 30 minutes before your breakfast

This diy is very effective to balance pitta in your body. It makes your hair roots stronger and also prevent premature hair graying

DIY #2 – Herbal Shampoo

To make this you will need

Reetha Powder
Amla Poder
Bhringraj Powder
Shikakai Powder

In a clean jar, mix all powders in equal amount
Take 1 glass of water, in this add 1 spoon of this herbal powder
Leave it overnight
Next morning boil this mixture until water quantity becomes half
Tun off the heat and let it cool
Your herbal shampoo is ready
Pour this solution on your wet hair and scalp,rub it gently on your scalp and then. Wash it off

This shampoo will not dry your hair, so no need to use conditioner

DIY #3 – Hair oil

TO make this oil you will need

Coconut oil
Sesame oil
Curry leaves
& Iron pot

Take 1 iron pot, in this add equal amount of coconut oil and sesame oil
Turn on the flame and heat this oil
Now add 1 handful of curry leaves and let them cook on low flame until leaves turns black
Turn off the flame and let it cool
Your oil is ready, you can store this in clean glass jar

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