Almond Oil Remedies To Reduce Dark Circles & Wrinkles

Dark circles make you look tired and old and make you feel embarrassed.
So why bother with all these problems when in fact, you can get rid of them!

1st Treatment
You’ll Need:

  • Raw Honey
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  1. Mix half a teaspoon of honey and almond oil together.
  2. Apply the mixture around the eyes area and massage gently for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Keep it on overnight, and wash it off with plain water the next morning.
  4. Repeat this before going to bed every night.

Honey, being gentle in nature, can be used safely on the delicate skin around the eyes.
Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize dark circles and soothe the skin under the eye.
Honey is the best natural skin moisturizer that prevents water loss from the delicate area under the eye and holds dryness at bay, sometimes contributing to the development of dark circles.
Honey’s natural bleaching properties help to lighten pigmentation and minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eye.
In addition, honey can improve blood circulation and also helps to lighten the dark circles under the eye.
Honey boosts the development of collagen and thus helps to get rid of aging-induced dark circles under the eyes.
The anti-oxidants and vital nutrients found in honey nourish and remove the dark circles of the damaged skin.

2nd Treatment
You’ll Need:

  • Wild Turmeric
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  1. Make a thin paste by mixing together a tsp of sweet almond oil and a pinch of wild turmeric powder.
  2. Apply it under the eyes for 10-15 minutes and keep it on.
  3. Rinse off with clear water and regularly repeat.

Turmeric is an anti-oxidant that is very strong.
It includes a compound known as curcumin, which is responsible for all the benefits of turmeric for beauty and health.
Turmeric can minimize the development of melanin in the skin, and when it is caused by pigmentation, it helps to lighten pigmentation as well as dark circles.
In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric play a huge role in lightening the dark circles under the eye.
Turmeric’s anti-oxidant advantages reverse the harm done by free radicals and restore the protection of our skin.

3rd Treatment
You’ll Need:

  • Castor Oil
  • Almond Oil
  1. Mix a teaspoon of castor oil and almond oil together.
  2. All around the eyes, spread the oil blend and massage gently using your fingertips.
  3. Let it stay as long as possible, and use this solution as an overnight treatment for the best outcome.
  4. The next morning, wash off with lukewarm water and repeat this procedure each day for a quicker result.

Castor oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate the skin and activate the tissues that help to ease the eyes’ discoloration.
If your dark circles around the eyes are caused by dry and dehydrated skin, thanks to its rich moisturization nature, castor oil can also be your savior.
The antioxidants in castor oil tend to shrink the blood vessels and reduce the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, thereby helping to gain substantial relief from dark circles.
Castor oil also has the potential to increase the development of collagen in the skin, which in turn helps to smooth out wrinkles and lines and keeps the delicate skin smooth and soft under the eyes.
Most notably, Ricinoleic acid contains castor oil, which has anti-inflammatory effects. It soothes the skin and helps in the Treatment of dark circles.

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