9 steps to wash your face properly

Generally, most of us think that it is very simple to wash our face, but they do not know if they are not doing this task properly, results will be zero. I agree that it’s not very difficult to wash your face but there is a way to do it. First and most important thing is t use correct face wash for your skin type, always remember that your skin might change throughout the year also. Generally in summers skin is oily and in winter it is dry, so choose face wash according to that time.

Follow the below-given steps to wash your face:

Wash your hands

You are going to wash face with your hands, so first make sure that your hands are clean. Hands are the most used parts of the human body and may have a lot of dirt. Clean your hands using antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.

Tie your hair before face wash

Tie your hair before face wash so you will be more comfortable

Remove makeup layer

If you have any makeup layer, remove it before face cleansing. You can remove it by applying oil also

Wet Your Face with lukewarm water

Wet your face with lukewarm water, it opens the pores for deeper cleansing.

Apply face cleanser

Take small amounts of the cleanser on your hands or in a wash cloth. Take a brush or use your finger tips to gently rub the cleanser throughout your face.

You should consider the motion in which you cleanse your face as it matters if you intend to do it right. Start cleaning the face from your forehead then work down to the nose area, the cheek areas and down to the chin and neck.

Rinse face with cold water

Rinse your face with cold water to remove the cleanser. I am suggesting cold water as it improves blood circulation

Pat dry your face

Pat dry your face with a soft towel

Apply toner

If you have a combined or oily skin type, it is important that you tone your face. Toners remove leftover makeup, dirt and oil traces that may have been left behind after cleansing. Toners also reduce your pores, refine your skin and eliminate the excess oil. You will end up feeling lighter and also have your face prepared for moisturizing.

Apply moisturizer

Apply some hydrating face or moisturizing cream each time you are done cleansing your face. Again, ensure that the moisturizer you use is appropriate for your type of skin.

Some useful & important tips:

Pull your hair back with a hair band

Do you know that germs can get into your skin from your hair strands? However, you can prevent this from happening if you pull your hair back with a hair band before washing your face.

Use micellar water to clear out dust and dirt

Irrespective of whether you wear make-up or not on a daily basis, you must use micellar water to cleanse your face before applying a face wash. The double-cleansing method helps to prevent a breakout.

Steaming the Face

Steaming is the process in which the skin is treated to some hot steam. This helps out the skin a lot by helping to cleanse the skin thoroughly as the warmth helps open up the pores which make it easier to cleanse it from any dirt or other impurities. This technique is especially valuable if your skin is oily as it helps to balance the level of oil on the skin. Performing it is quite easy, just boil some water and then take the hot water in a big bowl. Then keep your face above the bowl where the water is turning to steam and cover your head with a towel to form a sort of tent above the steam. Keep your face there for about 5 minutes to perform the steaming. After that, to tighten the pores back up, you can use an ice cube as a cold compress.

Scrubbing the Skin

This is another technique which comes in really handy to keep the skin soft and supple and looking great. This is a technique for the exfoliation of the skin which removes any dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants, and any other impurities resting on your skin. You can buy a scrub from any cosmetics shop or you can also prepare your own exfoliating scrub. There are tons of recipes out there but one of the most simple and effective scrubs which you can prepare easily and is completely natural is Honey and sugar scrub. The granules of the sugar come in handy here as rubbing them over the skin helps to exfoliate it of any dirt and stuff. Moreover, this scrub also helps hydrate the skin properly. There are other alternatives you can look for or even devise your own.

Other than these points, take care of the following points to perform your skincare properly and without any mistakes which may be detrimental to the skin.

  • Do not scrub your skin too hard or roughly as that could damage the skin and cause abrasions.
  • Do not wash your face too much as that has the opposite effect on the skin than you might think. Washing and cleansing the face too much it might make your skin more oily. That is because washing your skin too much strips it of its oils and the skin then starts producing bigger quantities of oil to try to counterbalance.
  • Always remember to moisturize your skin after any treatment like masks, scrubs, etc. This helps treat the skin and restore any moisture lost during the process or treatment.
  • Before going to bed, always cleanse your skin properly to remove any and all product on your skin and face. Make sure that you clean off all makeup before hitting the hay.
  • When utilizing water, take care when managing its temperature. Do not go to the extremes of the temperature as that can actually hurt the skin and cause some damage to it.
  • Your towel can also cause some damage to your skin and you might not be aware of it. Always opt for soft and decent quality towels if at all possible. This will help keep your skin safe and protected. And dabbing dry is better than rubbing as that can cause some abrasion to the skin.



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