7 Days Detailed Night Skin Care Routine

We all have different skin type, and we have different skin problems. Based on your skin needs, you need different skin care products, but one thing is common, we all need a proper skin care routine, to keep our skin healthy and glowing

Today in this post, I will share my detailed night time skin care routine, that is very easy to follow and will hardly take 10 minutes of your time

So now let’s start with our blog

Step#1 of skin care routine is, cleansing

In night time you must follow 4-2-4 method to deep cleanse your face

First massage your face with cleansing oil for 4 minutes, this will remove sun screen and layer of make up from your face

Believe it or not, but oil cleansing is must to deep clean your pores, it is also very effective to reduce appearance of blackheads and whiteheads on face

Do this oil cleansing for 4 minutes, and after that you can use your water based cleanser, for 2 minutes on your face

After this splash some cold water on your face to rinse it off

Now coming to next step of this routine, Exfoliation

You need to exfoliate your face just once a week.

For this purpose I prefer to use chemical exfoliators. Believe me they are much better than physical scrub. Rubbing with physical scrub might actually damage your skin

If you are a beginner, you can start with 10% lactic acid serum to peel dead layer from your face

Just apply a layer of this serum on your face and neck, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with plain water

Now coming to step#3 of this routine, that is Serum Application

Serums are rich in actives, and you can use different serums as per your skin need

I prefer to use retinol serum on face, every alternate day. You can choose 1% or 2% in strength

On other nights, I use vitamin C serum, strength 10% or more. I use it as spot treatment on my dark spots.

On top of that I put a layer of Niacinamide serum

Make sure you never use retinol serum and vitamin C serum, together on your face

Last step of this routine is hydration

Apply a layer of good water base moisturiser on your face, and you’re done

Your routine ends here. Note one important point, do not use retinol serum on same day, when you are using acid peel on your face

That night just use niacinamide serum on your face followed by moisturiser.

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