Dimples on Back, What Does It Mean?

Back dimples are two concave marks located directly above the sacroiliac joints (i.e., where the sacrum meets the pelvis, or directly above the buttocks) on some people’s lower backs.

Back dimples are more commonly found on women than on men, but people of any gender can be blessed with this highly attractive feature.

Lower back dimples aren’t found on everyone, of course. Only 3-8% of people are born with them.

Their cause is a simple matter of genetics, just like having a cute chin dimple or dimples when you smile. More specifically, their appearance is caused by short ligaments stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin.

When found on woman’s body, called as dimples of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, love, sex, and fertility, when he spotted them on women.

Some people believe back dimples are a sign of a healthy body and good circulation. 

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence behind these claims, but we’re all for going with the placebo effect on this one!
Owners of dimples of Venus are also thought to be great seducers. This could be because the look of them makes you appear more attractive, or the connection with more pleasure from sex.

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