30 Days Skin Transformation With 2% Hydroquinone

Today in this post, I will share one over the counter bleaching cream, that is very effective for melasma, acne scars and pigmentation on face.

In this video I will share right way to include this cream in your skin and we will also discuss about its safety

Hydroquinone was first introduced in market as skin lightening ingredient, but after many trials it has proven to be very effective for sun spots, pigmentation and melasma on face.

Many people are in doubt whether it is safe to use it or not, let me tell you, 2% hydroquinone is pretty safe to use this on your face in night time

Hydroquinone inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, that produces melaninn or pigment.

So now once you know about this ingredient and about its safety, let me tell you some guidelines that you must strictly follow

Tip#1 – Start with 2% and stick to it

2% hydroquinone is safest strength to use on your skin. Make sure you apply this cream on your affected area only.

If you have small acne scars on face. Just take some cream on a cotton tip and with help of this apply it on affected area

Tip#2 – use it on clean dry face

As previously said, you should use this in night time and that also 30 minutes before going to bed, so cream gets time to absorb in skin

Wash your face properly, pat dry and let it dry completely. Once your face is dry, you can apply this cream

Tip#3 – Use moisturiser

For beginners, it is always safest to use moisturiser before and after application of this cream, as it will cause less irritation

You should never use this cream on your under eye area, as there skin is very thin and can be irritated very easily

Tip#4 – 8 Weeks Break Rule

While consistency is important for maximum results,¬†you shouldn’t use it for long periods of time.

Use this cream for 4 months only and then discontinue it for 8 weeks.

In initial days you can use this cream every alternate night and once your skin gets settle with this cream, you can use this every night, but again use it only on affected area

After 8 weeks you can use it again for 4 months

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