Retinoid Treatment To Get Clear Skin Of Your Dreams

I am sure that most of you have already heard about retinoids. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this one thing, and today in this video I will share right way to use this vitamin derivative into your skin care.

You will not see the results overnight, it’ll take at least three months of consistent nightly use of retinol to notice positive changes in your skin, but believe me you will be surprised by the results

Vitamin A derivatives are like the basic building block that holds your complete skin structure, so I think now you can feel the importance of retinol.

There are many different kinds of retinoid are available in market, like Adapalene, Tretinoin, Retinol etc. You can choose one that suits your skin

So now without any delay, let’s start with our video. First let me tell you how to start with retinoids if you are a beginner

Many people think that retinoids are used for anti-aging only and you should start it when you get aging on face, but its completely wrong

Retinoid have anti acne and anti-aging properties, it can improve hyperpigmentation and with time very effective to improve texture of your skin. You can start to use retinoids in your mid 20s

As a beginner you can start to use retinoids every other night or every third night on your face.

You can use retinoid on your face in either serum form or in cream form. You can start with retinol serum with strength 2%, but if you are using retinoid cream, start with less strength like Adapalene gel 0.1% or tretinoin 0.025%

Make sure you use retinoid products only in night time, and also your face should be clean, makeup free and dry

Little bit of flaky skin, and slight irritations are very common side effects if you are using retinoid creams on afce, but they will disappear after 8-10 days of use

With retinoids key to get best results is, start with less strength, be patient, and slowly switch to higher concentration

Now once you have retinoid cream with you, just take a pea size amount of this cream. Dab it evenly on your face in form of small dots. Spread this cream evenly on your face and neck, and you’re done

Apply moisturise immediately afterwards, or your skin will become extremely dry

Also make sure you do not apply retinoid cream in under eye area, as in that area skin is very thin and sensitive

Now coming to last tip of this video. To get best out of retinoid use it in form of sandwich

First apply a layer of moisturiser on your face, then retinoid and on top of that apply final layer of moisturiser

In this way your skin will get all benefits of retinoids and it will also not irritate your skin

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