3 Days, Remarkable difference in Large Pores

Today in this post, I will share 2 easy steps that you need to follow for 3-4 days to get even tone, smooth skin with no visible pores on your face

In first step we will use a toner and in 2nd step we will prepare a mask, that you can use 2 times in a week

So without any delay first let us start with this article

First wash your face with a gentle face cleanser, for this purpose you can use homemade face wash or you can also use market one, that suits your skin

Wash your face properly, pat it dry and then you’re ready to use toner

To make this toner, you will need

  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Lemon Peel
  • & Rice Water
  1. In a pan take 1 cup of water
  2. In this add 1 handful of fresh mint leaves and 1 peel of lemon. We need Just peel pert of lemon, no juice
  3. Boil it for 4-5 minutes on high flame. Turn off the flame,
    and let it cool completely, and then add 1 tsp honey in this
  4. Now take a clean spray bottle, fill it half with mint lemon waterWe will fill other half with rice water
  5. Shake it well and your toner is ready
  6. Take few drops of this toner on a clean cotton ball and apply it all over your clean face

You can store this toner in refrigerator for next use.

This toner is rich in salicylic acids, that will help you to shrink size of pores

Rice water and lemon peel will act as natural skin brightening agent, that will make your skin even tone and flawless

Once your toning is done, you can use clay mask on your face. But make sure, you use this mask just twice in a week

  1. In a clean bowl, take 1 spoon of kaolin clay and 1 spoon of licorice powder
  2. In this add 1/2 spoon orange peel powder
  3. Mix enough rose water in this, until you get smooth paste
  4. You can use raw milk instead of rose water for normal to dry skin
  5. Mix and your pack is ready
  6. Apply this pack all over your face and neck. Let it dry completely and then rinse it off with cold water

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