What your lip colour says about your health

Lips are one of the first facial feature that most people observe. How it looks speaks volume about how much you care for yourself.

Lips can be of different shades due to things that you eat, the product that you use on it or also due to impurities in the surrounding.

In this article, we will be sharing different lip colours and what they speak about your health.

Pale Lips

  • The unhealthiest of them all, pale or white lips are a clear sign of being anaemic.
  • This means that your body lacks red blood cells or haemoglobin.
  • Adding iron-rich foods like spinach, dried fruits and bread is a good way to increase haemoglobin in the body.

Red lips

  • Fiery red lips can mean that your body is overheated.
  • The skin of lips is very thin, therefore it can reflect red lips much clearer.
  • Things are bad when with red lips there is also signs of bad breath and craving for snacks. A dysfunctional liver can release heat which can cause the lips to appear red.

Blue lips

  • Blue lips are the scariest of them all.
  • However, it is pretty normal to get blue lips during winters.
  • A blue lip indicates that the body isn’t getting a proper blood circulation.
  • If you experience a green line around the blue, then it means that your blood circulation is poor around your spleen and liver.
  • A blue lip can also hit someone with a respiratory issue.

Rose Pink

  • Pink lips are a sign of a healthy body.
  • It means that your body is in balance with your mind.
  • It also means that whatever you are eating is good for your body.
  • With a proper diet and fitness regime, you will be able to maintain this forever.

Now let me tell you about some natural ingredients that you can use to get rid of dark lips


Lemon contains bleaching properties which help in brightening the lips and removing pigmentation from it.

It also contains vitamin C which improves the blood circulation in the lips, causing it to repair faster.

  1. Just add 1 1/2 Tsp of lemon juice, 1 Tsp of honey and 1 Tsp of glycerin in a bowl.
  2. Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your lips.
  3. Massage for 1-2 minutes and let it sit overnight.
  4. Rinse it off using lukewarm water and pat the lips dry.
  5. Apply a lip balm on it.
  6. Use this remedy every alternate day for best results.


Turmeric is known as a healing agent which repair the lip damage.

It is also known as a melanin inhibitor which brings the original colour of lips back.

  1. Just mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder with enough milk to make a paste.
  2. Apply a layer of this on the lips and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse it off and pat the lips dry.
  4. Finish by applying a lip balm on it.
  5. Use this treatment 1-2 times in a week.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its cleansing and oil-absorbing properties.

It is also known to inhibit melanin production.

  1. Applying a thin layer of aloe vera on the lips can work as a protective layer to prevent lip damage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties which help in killing the bacteria that causes lip damage.

It also comes packed with fatty acid which nourishes the lips and works on dark and chapped lips.

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