Vitamin Infused Water To Get Beautiful Skin

Vitamin rich infused water is one thing, that you need to magnify your beauty internally.

Today in this video, I will share delicious beauty water that will not only reward your prettier skin but also hydrate, plump, and keeps it healthier.

This drink is rich in vitamin and anti-oxidants, that will reverse your skin damage and will also prevent them in future, so with regular consumption your skin will glow internally

So without any further delay lets start with our video, to make this drink you will need

  • Cucumber
  • Chia seeds
  • Honey
  • Mint leaves
  • And a small piece of ginger

Preparation Part

First in a clean bowl take 1 tsp chia seeds, soak them in drinking water and keep it aside for 15 minutes

Now take 1 cucumber, rub salt on its skin for 2 minutes to remove any kind of dirt present on skin

Wash cucumber with plain water and chop it. No need to remove peel part

Take around 1 inch of ginger, peel and cut it small pieces

Now transfer this chopped cucumber and ginger to a blender. Also add 8-10 fresh mint leaves in this
Add around 1 glass of chilled water and blend this well

Pour this juice in a clean glass, add juice of half lemon and some honey in this

At last add soaked chia seeds in this. If you wan you can also add some salt in this

Mix and your drink is ready. Daily drink this in morning, 30 minutes before your breakfast to get best results

This drink is great detoxifier, that will flush all toxins from your body. It will definitely help to make your journey glow-inside-out easy for you.

Chia seeds are rich in anti-oaxidants, that will prevent aging signs and will also reverse damage caused by sun rays and free radicals

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