Vaseline To Grow Beautiful Eyelashes

If you want long, beautiful eyelashes, there is no need to spend money on expensive products, first you can try petroleum jelly, that is right there in your medicine cabinet

Vaseline might not make your lashes grow longer, it can hydrate them and make them appear thicker. It may also help prevent lash breakage, which can make your lashes appear longer.

Vaseline has super hydrating properties, and typically safe on sensitive skin, so it’s definitely worth a shot if you want your lashes to look healthier and fuller.

Here’s how you can use vaseline to obtain longer eyelashes.

  1. First, get hold of your mascara wand, and wipe it clean. Make sure there’s no mascara on the wand – use a soft tissue or paper towel. This will not just clean the wand but also spread all the bristles.
  2. Once you have cleaned your mascara wand, soak it in ordinary lukewarm water for two-four minutes before soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for a final cleanse. Don’t forget to pat the wand dry.
  3. Before applying the vaseline, ensure there’s no makeup on your eyes. Just dip your mascara wand into the vaseline – make sure you are aiming for a bigger percentage of Vaseline. Then spread the vaseline on the wand for equal coverage.
  4. Just like you apply your mascara on the eyelashes, apply the vaseline first on your upper lashes and then on your lower lashes. While doing so, ensure that there is no vaseline entering your eyes. It can cause irritation or even some reaction if you have very sensitive skin.
  5. Once you apply the vaseline, your eyelashes will just clump together. So it’s best to coat the vaseline thinly on your lashes. If you have used classic eyelash extensions, you will find it an easier process.
  6. Doing this every night is perfect. After applying the vaseline on your lashes, you have to let the vaseline sit overnight. This will not just moisturize your lashes but also increase their life cycles.
  7. Don’t forget to wash it all in the morning. And then repeat the entire process again at night. You will son find yourself flaunting your long, lusty lashes!

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