Try this technique to grow long thicker hair

Who wouldn’t desire to possess thicker, longer hair? We all aspire to achieve stunning hair and beauty aesthetics.

Thicker and longer hair not only elevates your appearance but also provides versatility for various styles on different occasions. However, styling can be challenging for those with thin hair. In this regard, I’ll share a hair oiling hack/hair oil mask that fosters natural hair thickness without resorting to chemical products.

This particular hair oil mask employs a distinctive technique and ingredients, proving highly effective in promoting both length and thickness.

To prepare this mask, gather the following ingredients:

  • Castor oil
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil or capsules
  • Aloe Vera gel


Combine 2 tsp of Aloe Vera gel with 1 tsp of Castor oil, 2/3 tsp of olive or coconut oil (whichever suits you better), and half a tsp of Vitamin E oil or contents from 2 Vitamin E capsules in a bowl. Thoroughly mix the ingredients until the mixture reaches a semi-liquid, serum-like consistency, owing to the Aloe Vera gel. Adjust the oil proportions based on your hair length.

For application, comb and detangle your hair, dividing it into two sections. Apply a generous amount of the mask, focusing on the scalp up to the hair roots. After application, gently massage the scalp for about 5 minutes to stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Remember to give your scalp a brief, gentle massage during the application, as it is beneficial for hair growth and induces a relaxing effect.

You can leave the hair oil mask overnight, preferably with a shower cap for enhanced benefits. Alternatively, letting it stay for 45 minutes to a couple of hours is also effective. Rinse off with cold water, using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Castor oil encourages hair growth, making it thicker and longer rapidly, while effectively hydrating the scalp and reducing dandruff.

Aloe Vera gel addresses scalp infections, itchiness, and dandruff, promoting overall hair and skin health. Olive oil is well-absorbed by the scalp, imparting a soft texture to the hair.

Using this hair mask not only naturally thickens and lengthens your hair but also leaves it soft, smooth, and shiny.

Application of this hair oil mask 2-3 times a week is recommended, as it has no side effects and significantly contributes to hair growth and texture improvement. Instead of traditional hair oiling, give this technique a try, and witness noticeable thickness within a month with minimal effort.

This approach will undoubtedly assist you in achieving thicker, lustrous hair while combating frizz. Give it a shot!

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