Tighten Your Neck Skin Naturally In 10 Days

Your neck is one of the first areas that starts to show signs of aging. Today in this post I will share some of the natural ways that will help to tighten skin around your neck

First I will share some of the DIYs and after that will discuss some exercises that are very effective to tighten thin skin around your neck area

DIY#1 – Almond Oil Massage

Almond oil is rich source of vitamin E and very effective to cure wrinkles around your neck

Apply few drops of almond oil around your neck daily. For the best results do this massage before going to bed and leave it overnight on your neck

DIY#2 – Cucumber Mask

Lack of hydration is one the main reason behind early aging signs, and we all know that cucumber is super rich in water content

To make this mask, grate 1 cucumber
In this add 2 spoons of curd and few drops of almond oil
Mix and your pack is ready
Apply this pack on your neck and let it dry for 30 minutes
Rinse your neck with plain water, pat dry and apply moisturiser on your neck area

DIY#3 – Banana

We all know health benefits of banana, but do you know it is equally good for your skin because of its antioxidant properties

Mash one banana in a bowl
In this add 1 spoon of curd and 1 spoon of honey
Mix it well and your DIY is ready
Apply this pack on your neck, leave for 20 minutes and then wipe it off

Our DIYs are done here, now let me share some tips and exercises to get younger looking neck

Tip#1 – Take collagen and Vitamin C

Oral collagen is very effective to fight against early aging signs. Collagen fight against skin thinning, and also improves your skin elasticity

Tip#2 – Remove Dead Skin Cells

Our face and neck are covered with millions of dead cells that may clog the pores if not cleared. This may make our skin appear dull and aged. Hence, using a good physical or chemical exfoliant to exfoliate your neck can help.

Tip#3 – Exercise

Stretching out and working exercises can offer a noticeable change to wobbly skin. The constant stretching and relaxing your lower face tissues and muscles can make them active. This can also cause collagen formation to trigger, reducing marks of aging and sagging.

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