Tamannah’s Face Dip Secret To Get Glowing Skin Instantly

We all wonder what is the secret behind the beautiful and youthful skin of our favourite Bollywood celebrities.

Even after wearing makeup all day long and facing harsh lights while shooting, they have a natural glow on their face all the time.

Recently Tamannaah Bhatia shared one video on her Instagram handle, where she is dipping her face in chilled ice water in the morning.

She shared that she had a long night and woke up with a puffed face and had to do a quick fix because she had to resume the shoot. 

She told that dipping her face into ice water, shuts her open pores and minimises all the puffiness instantly. 

According to her, when you’re a celebrity and you have to face camera, you can’t avoid harsh chemicals in makeup, but for skin care you can be as natural as possible, and this is the secret behind her glowing skin

She is not alone, who believes in Ice tip treatment for face, earlier Alia and Katrina have also shared this treatment

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