Soft Pink Lips In 3 Days

Some people develop darker lips over time due to a range of medical and lifestyle factors.

Wearing lipstick for long time, sun exposure, and lip licking are some of the common causes behind dark lips

Today in this post, I will share DIYs and products that will help you to get soft pink lips

First product, that comes into this list is, Chemical peels

Just like facial peels, you can use lip peels also. For this purpose you can use arginine peels, lactic peels or mandelic acid peels.

Like face peels, lip peel is painted or rolled onto the lips and left to work its exfoliative magic.

You can use lip peels 2 times in a week.

Second product that comes into this list is, lip cream

For this purpose you can use a UV lip balm.

There are many good lip balms available in market, like glolip lip balm, sebamed sun defence lip balm, lipolent UV lip balm etc..

Now let me share few home treatments that will help you to get pink lips

Before starting with this DIY, let me tell you, these remedies are natural and they will take their own time to work

This treatment will complete in 3 easy steps, in step 1 we will exfoliate, in
2nd step we will soothe our lips, and in last step we will moisturise our lips

Take some sugar in a bowl, in this add few drops of lemon juice. Mix and your scrub is ready

Apply this scrub on your lips and start to rub in small circular motion

After this scrubbing apply a layer of honey on your lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes

After 15 minutes wipe honey and apply layer of lip balm

Honey is a great humectant that will lock moisture on your lips.

For the best results you can use this DIY 2-3 times in a week.

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