Ayurvedic Formula For Clear Skin

Today in this post, I will share one herbal formula that will remove all toxins from your skin pores, so that your skin looks even tone and glows from inside without any make-up

This herbal formula is suitable for all skin types and very effective to prevent acne on your face

First we will prepare base of this mask, that is face cleansing powder. To make this you will need

  • 1/2 cup of Yellow Mustard seeds
  • 3 spoons of Chirongi seeds
  • And 3 spoons of Red Lentils

Take these 3 ingredients in a blender and blend it well, until you get very smooth powder
Store this powder in a clean air tight container. You can easily store this powder upto 2-3 months

Once this powder is ready, let me tell you how to use this in face mask

  1. Take around 1-2 tbsp of this powder in a clean bowl
  2. In this add enough milk, let it soak for half an hour
  3. Now in this add 1/4 spoon of red sandalwood powder, 1/2 spoon coffee powder, and 1/2 spoon of chickpea flour in this
  4. If consistency is very runny, you can add more milk in this
  5. Mix it well and your pack is ready
  6. For the best results you should apply this pack on your clean face, and that also in night time.
  7. Apply this pack evenly all over your face and neck
  8. Let it dry completely
  9. Once dry, spray some water on your face, and start to rub your face gently. Do this rubbing just for 1-2 minutes and then rinse your face with plain water

You can use this mask twice in a week and make sure, you do not use retinoid cream on same night

After washing this pack, pat dry your face. Apply few drops of vitamin C serum followed by moisturiser and you’re good to go on bed

The main ingredient of this pack is, cleansing powder that we have prepared

In this powder we have used mustard seeds, that are rich in vitamin E. These seeds hydrate your skin, remove all the impurities and protect your skin from acne.

Chironji seeds and red lentils are very effective to lighten dark spots, and with time they also improve your skin complexion

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