Salon Style Tan Removal Pedicure At Home

Just like your facial skin, even your feet gets suntan and discoloration during the summer seasons. The only way for a happy feet is to offer a tan removal pedicure. You don’t have to rush to the parlors as you can do it easily at your home with a few ingredients.

In this article, we are going to see how to do a salon style tan removal pedicure at home.

Step #1: Remove the nail polish from your nails

To remove the nail polish from your nails, you will need

  • Any nail polish remover and
  • A few cotton pads
  1. Take a few drops of the nail polish remover in the cotton pads.
  2. Wipe the cotton on your nails until the nail polish gets removed completely without any stains.
  3. Clean your nails well using the cotton pad and you are good to go.

Step #2: Soak your feet in lukewarm water

To soak your feet, you will need

  • 1 baby bath tub filled with lukewarm water and
  • a few drops of any baby shampoo or castile soap
  1. Add a few drops of any baby shampoo or castile soap into the baby bath tub filled with lukewarm water.
  2. Stir the water solution well using your hands.
  3. Do not take too hot water as it will damage the skin in your feet.
  4. Dip your feet in the bathtub and leave it for 15 minutes.
  5. This will offer a great relief to intense feet problems and pain.
  6. Take your feet out from the soapy lukewarm water.

Step #3: Exfoliate your feet

  • 1 pumice stone or foot brush
  1. Take the pumice stone and start rubbing it gently all over your feet.
  2. Focus rubbing more on the heel regions of your feet.
  3. Pumice stone will remove all the flaky skin, dead skin cells and foot calluses present it.
  4. Repeat rubbing your feet for 2 to 3 minutes and you are good to go.

Step #4: Trim your nails and remove the dirt

  • 1 nail cutter with spatula
  1. Take the nail cutter and trim your nails based on the length you prefer for.
  2. Now take the spatula portion in your nail cutter and remove the extra dirt present at the corners and inner portions of your nails.

Step #5: Use the pedicure instruments on your feet

To use the pedicure instruments, you will need

  • 1 cuticle pusher
  • 1 dead skin fork
  • 1 filer and
  • 1 razor
  1. Take the cuticle pusher and press your over bulging cuticles gently.
  2. This will make your cuticles look even in your feet.
  3. Next, take the dead skin fork and scrape the thin metal edge against the nail slowly.
  4. Follow the same process for all your nails.
  5. All the dead skin cells in your nails will get completely removed from your feet.
  6. Using a razor is optional and you can remove the long hair in your feet is you have it.
  7. Gently slide the razor on the areas where you have long hairs.
  8. Now take the filer and shape your nails based on your preference and you are good to go.
  9. You can either shape your nails in the circular or rectangular forms.

Step #6: Use homemade feet scrub

To prepare the homemade feet scrub, you will need

  • 1 tomato
  • 1 tbsp of besan powder and
  • 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder
  • 1 cup of warm water
  1. Take a bowl and add equal amounts of sandalwood powder and besan powder into it.
  2. Use a spoon and mix the powders well.
  3. Take a tomato and cut it into two equal halves using a knife.
  4. Take one half of the tomato and dip it inside the besan powder mix in the bowl.
  5. Rub the tomato on your feet to scrub it on the areas where you have discoloration.
  6. After scrubbing your feet, squeeze the tomato extract directly all over your feet.
  7. Allow the tomato extract to be there on your feet for 5 minutes.
  8. Rinse your feet completely with warm water until the tomato extract gets removed.

Step #7: Use Anti-tan homemade foot pack

To prepare the anti-tan homemade foot pack, you will need

  • 1 tbsp of white sugar
  • 1 tbsp of coffee powder
  • 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel
  • 1 tbsp of fresh lime juice and
  • 1 baby bath tub filled with lukewarm water
  1. Take a clean mixing bowl and add all the ingredients into it.
  2. Use a spoon and whisk the ingredients well to make a fine foot mask with smooth consistency.
  3. Take a tadbit of the mask and apply it all over your feet.
  4. Gently massage your feet with the mask using your fingertips for 10 minutes.
  5. Put your feet into the bath tub filled with lukewarm water and rinse it well.
  6. Remove your feet from the water, pat dry your feet with a towel and you are good to go.

Step #8: Apply Homemade Foot Cream

To prepare the homemade foot cream, you will need

  • 1/2 cup of unmelted coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel
  • 12 drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil and
  • 1 air-tight container
  1. Take a clean bowl and add all the ingredients into it.
  2. Use a spoon and whip all the ingredients well for a few times to make a smooth cream.
  3. Take a tadbit of the foot cream and apply it all over your feet.
  4. Prefer applying this cream every day before going to bed.
  5. Put the remaining cream into a clean air-tight container and store it.

Here are a few tips to take care of your foot.

  • #1. Wash your feet very often with running water to prevent any infections.
  • #2. Dry your feet well to avoid any fungal infections in between your toes and nails.
  • #3. Change your socks and wash it every day to get rid of any bad odor in your foot.
  • #4. Always wear the shoes which fits your feet properly.
  • #5. Do not walk on roads or other public areas with barefoot.
  • #6. Apply sunscreen to your feet while going out to prevent suntan and discoloration.
  • #7. Prefer wearing slippers or shoes which covers your leg fully to stay away from suntan.

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