Real Secret Behind Korean Glass Skin

Korean women have the flawless sort of skin we can only dream of. Korean women are big fans of the no-makeup makeup look, and they believe more in regular skin care

Today in this post, I will share some of skin care secrets of Korean women, that makes skin naturally glowing and flawless.

Secret#1- They Use Natural Skin Brighteners

Korean women uses natural skin brighteners such as rice extracts, vitamin C, and licorice in their daily skin care routine

They make sure these ingredients are present in skin care products that they use everyday

You can make your own face cleanser and toner with these ingredients

For Indian skin, you can make your own face cleansing powder by mixing liquorice powder, fuller’s earth powder and gram flour in equal amount

Take required amount of this powder, and in this add either milk or rose water to make smooth paste

Your face cleanser is ready for use

To make toner, you can dilute fermented rice water, with equal amount of distilled water, and your skin brightening toner is ready

Secret#2 – Three Step Face Cleansing

Korean people believe in deep face cleansing. They do it before applying makeup and in night time also before going to bed

For the first step take cleaning tissue and wipe your face with this to remove all stubborn impurities on your skin

For 2nd step, massage an oil cleanser into your skin to remove oil-based impurities, and then rinse your face with luke warm water

For 3rd step you can use either foam based cleanser, or you can also use cleansing powder that we have prepared

This step will remove water-based impurities. Rinse your face with cold water, and pat dry.

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