Pimples – How to Avoid them, Remedies, Precautions, Myths and FAQs

Pimples are probably one of the most hated facial conditions which come unannounced and makes you feel bad about your skin. Although being one of the most common skin conditions, there are a lot of basic things that people still don’t know like what exactly pimples are, how are they caused and most importantly, how to avoid Pimples?

It is the phenomenon when then sebaceous glands on our face, back, neck or shoulders start excreting excess sebum, which is a kind of oil and fill up the pores of the skin with bacteria and pus. Pimples, which are also known as zit, acne, or spots generally look like a pink spot or bulb on the skin. Usually, a pimple dries out after a few days and no harm is done but in some cases, it starts to ooze out the white pus which looks extremely ugly. Due to this, pimples often leave behind scars and marks which, if not treated properly, can stay for a long time. There are a plethora of creams and products available on the market on how to avoid pimples and get rid of their subsequent marks. They are quite expensive to be used frequently and are not suitable for every person’s need. 

The best way to avoid pimples is by using the following homemade remedies. These are easy to create, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you can customize the treatment according to your skin type.

  1. Grind some rice grains which have been soaked in water for a night. Add a little lime juice to it and make a paste or cream which you can apply to your face. It works best if it is set to dry for at least 20 minutes. This remedy should be used twice a week.
  2. Turmeric is very beneficial for the skin in many ways. It is one of the top results if you search ‘how to avoid pimples’ on the internet. The process is simple, just make a thick paste of turmeric with water and apply it on the whole face or just the affected area. Use this remedy every day for the best results.
  3. Take an egg and separate the egg white from its yolk. Rub this egg white solution on your face and let it settle for 10- 15 minutes. This remedy is not just beneficial for pimples or their marks, but it also brings out a glow on the face and makes the skin look younger.
  4. Take some nutmeg powder and mix cold unpasteurized milk with it. If the powder couldn’t be found, grind some raw nutmeg until powder is obtained. The face mask made by the mixture of these two needs to be applied for an hour or so for it to work properly. Wash the face gently after the process.
  5. The egg whites used above can be substituted by using tomato pulp. Tomatoes are a very good source of Vitamin A which helps in rejuvenating the skin and facilitating the growth of skin cells.
  6. Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and squeeze the juice out of it. Put on this juice all over the face and neck and go to sleep. Leaving the juice overnight can do wonders for the skin. Repeat this process for the next week and the pimples will reduce and vanish.
  7. Sundry the peels of an Orange. After it is properly dried, throw it in the mixer and make a powder. A few drops of water would be enough to make a paste or face mask. Apply the mask and leave it overnight. Wash it using water and mild soap the next day.
  8. Aloe Vera is one of the best plants in nature. Numerous companies are benefitting from its rich enzymes, nutrients, and anti-bacterial properties by making expensive but easy to make cosmetic products. Aloe Vera can be used for treating pimples at home too. Just make a pulp of Aloe Vera and apply it to the face. For better results, add turmeric powder to the mix.
  9. Pimples are caused due to the accumulation of bacteria and dead skin cells in the pores. Garlic, which has both antifungal and antiseptic properties, acts as a barrier in stopping bacteria from accumulating on the skin. Cut the garlic into two pieces and apply the juice on the pimples for five minutes. This is a very quick remedy and you can use for multiple times in a day to get better results.
  10. Sandalwood or Chandan has been used as a skin treating agent for centuries. It is also very easy to use, just rub the sandalwood stick, along with some rosewater, on sandstone to get a thick paste. A strong cooling sensation can be felt after the paste is applied to the face. Let the paste dry and then wash it with plain water.
  11. Heat a bowl of water for some time until steam starts coming out of it. Steam helps in opening up the pores of the skin. This way the skin starts breathing freely and all the dirt, oil and bacteria accumulated in the skin are removed. Remove the bowl from heat and bring your face in the passage of the steam. Let it hit you for a few minutes. After that, wash the face with some lukewarm water and pat it dry. This process should be done twice a day for a week.
  12. Just like steam, ice can also prove effective to avoid pimples. It helps in improving blood circulation and removing excess oil and dirt. Place an ice pack against a pimple for a few minutes. Repeat this process four to five times and twice a day until the pimple is gone.
  13. Potato is one of the most commonly found vegetables in all the Indian households, besides Onion of course. The juice of Potato has also been found to treat pimples. Just apply the juice to the affected area and leave it until it looks black. That is the indication for you to remove the applied layer by using wet hands.
  14. Cocoa butter is a good moisturizing agent hence this remedy is best suited for normal or dry skin. Use a toner to clean the skin around a pimple before going to bed. Apply the cocoa butter to the area and leave it for the night. Wash with cold water the following morning and repeat the process for 15 days.
  15. Use toothpaste to avoid pimples. Toothpaste, more importantly, white toothpaste, if applied on the pimples and left for one and a half hours or a whole night can reduce the size of pimples very quickly.
  16. Applying honey on the pimples can both prove effective and a fun thing to do. Honey is full of antibiotics and cotton dipped in honey heals a pimple quite effectively. It also makes the area where it is applied feel cooler than the rest of the face. The applied honey should be washed with lukewarm water after around 20 minutes.
  17. Just like cocoa butter, Yogurt also has abundant moisturizing properties. Pair it with cucumber, which is used extensively to re-energize the skin, and you have the perfect skin rejuvenation mixture. Apply the mixture on the whole face and relax for 20 minutes. Use cold water to wash the face.
  18. Papaya is also a great ingredient to avoid and treat pimples. It has natural bleaching properties and is full of antioxidants. A piece of ripe papaya when rubbed onto the skin for 5-7 minutes lightens the applied area. Instead of the solid piece, the paste of ripe papaya can also be used.
  19. Take a small cotton ball, soak it with apple cider vinegar and lightly press it against the pimples on the face or skin. It is one of those remedies which don’t require a waiting time. You can just apply it like any other cosmetic cream and forget about it. You don’t even have to wash it off.
  20. Neem is one of the most beneficial but overlooked trees in the world, mainly because of its taste. The juice of neem leaves can cure numerous problems. In this case, pimples also. Apply the neem juice on the face for 15 minutes. Add turmeric powder for better results without overpowering the juice.

Precautions to Avoid Pimples

Pimples are one of the most common skin problems in the world. People of all ages are affected by it, especially teenagers who hit puberty. There are a lot of hormonal changes going on in the body when someone undergoes puberty, and this sparks the growth of pimples even more. Since you can’t stop growing up or bypass puberty in any way, there are other ways to keep yourself on the safe side of it.

Here are some precautions on how to avoid pimples.

  • Maintain a proper diet and stay away from oily foods as much as possible.
  • Drink lots of water every day and try to stay hydrated.
  • Wash the face regularly or after you’ve been out for a long time. Accumulation of dirt on the skin is one of the biggest causes of pimples
  • Don’t experiment with cosmetic products or change them regularly. Choose a product best suited for you and stick with it.
  • Avoid staying under the sun or in a dusty environment for too long. And properly wash your face after that.
  • Sweat is also one of the biggest causes of pimples. Sweat, if unchecked, accumulates on the skin and fills the pores with dirt and bacteria. Try to take a bath twice a day or at least wash your face after you work out.
  • Always refrain from touching or scratching your face too often.

Myths and facts

There are a lot of myths and stories going around as to what causes pimples and how to avoid pimples. Seeing how common this situation is, every person tends to have their own opinions and solutions regarding pimples. It is important to differentiate the myths from the actual facts about pimples.

For instance, let’s have a look at some myths and facts about how to avoid pimples.

  • Pimples are independent of the diet. This is a myth because the study on which this statement is based was actually done for chocolate. A study was conducted in the ‘60s and ‘70s which resulted that ‘chocolate has nothing to do with acne’ but over time it got reformed into ‘diet has nothing to do with acne. In fact, the latest study revealed that people who ate food rich in sugar, oil, and dairy products were more prone to acne.
  • Acne is only for children. Another one of the classic myths. The fact that children get frequent acne when they hit puberty fueled the belief that only children are able to get acne. Many adults in their 30s, 40s and even 50s suffer from acne. The only difference is that the acne at that age looks different than acne in children.
  • Acne and stress are related. It might be true for hair fall but nothing can be said for sure in the case of Acne. Studies conducted on students were unable to provide concrete evidence that stress is a factor for acne.
  • Pimples reduce the more you wash your face. It is a known fact that too much of anything is harmful. Sure washing the face gets rid of dirt and oil but washing your face too much can dehydrate the face. It may lead to irritation and finally more pimples than you previously had.
  • Popping a pimple removes the pimple. This is one of the classic rookie mistakes. Popping a pimple makes it looks like it has gone away temporarily but in the long run, it hurts your skin. Brown or red marks/scars might appear at the place you popped your pimple in the haste of getting rid of it. Let the pimple grow.

Tips for healthy skin

Getting the perfect skin is a gift from God, but maintaining that skin is an entirely different matter. Our skin is our last line of defence which separates the internal organs and muscles from the harsh environment out there. This makes it very important that we take proper care of our skin and try to keep it healthy. All our worries like how to get glowing skin, how to look younger, how to avoid pimples, and much more can be taken care of by having healthy skin.

Scroll through these tips for getting healthy skin all year round.

  • Use sunscreen more often. Sun exposure is one of the primary causes of wrinkles and premature aging.
  • Start incorporating nuts like walnuts, peanuts, macadamia and brazil nuts in your diet. 
  • Don’t cut down on your sleep. When you sleep, your body gets the much-needed break to improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin.
  • You should conduct proper face wash techniques. Just splashing some water is not enough, you must exfoliate the skin properly also.
  • Your face is not the only skin you have. Your neck, chest, and shoulders are equally exposed to the sun and require the same attention as your face does.
  • Sunglasses should be a must for a sunny day. They not just protect your eyes but also protect the thin skin surrounding the eyes.
  • Try to keep your skin hydrated as frequently as possible. Dry skin is the origin of many problems.
  • Don’t touch your face too much. This is one of the most common answers when someone asks how to avoid pimples and acne. 
  • Drink lots of water. And try to stay away from oily, unhealthy food.

OTC products are effective for pimples

Yes, there is a list of 20 homemade remedies on how to avoid pimples above, but what if you are not one of those DIY people or just simply cannot make out time for all that work out of your busy schedule? That doesn’t mean that you can ignore your skin and blame it on the lack of time. How to avoid pimples if you are busy making a face pack on your own and leave it 20 minutes? Well, here are some Over the Counter products that are equally effective for pimples.

  • Retino-A Tretinoin Cream – It is a prescription-only product and the go-to cream prescribed by dermatologists if you ask them how to avoid pimples.
  • No Marks Acne Pimple Cream – A herbal product made with clove, turmeric, and liquorice as the main ingredients.
  • Glyco 6 Glycolic Acid Cream – It is one of the few creams in India which use glycolic acid them.
  • Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment – Although a little pricey, Neutrogena cream can be used if you want fast results.
  • Himalaya Acne-n-Pimple Cream – Perfect for everyday use and for every skin type.
  • Biolife Bio Derm Anti-acne and Pimple Cream – A fairly new product. It is equipped in treating pimples and healing their scars.
  • Vicco Turmeric WSO Skin Cream – It has been on the market for ages. Made totally with ayurvedic ingredients and of course Turmeric.

FAQs for Pimples

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to avoid pimples and acne.

  • What is Acne?

Acne is a skin disorder generally seen in pubescent teenagers. It looks like a pink blister filled with pus which often oozes out if pressed tightly. It can occur anywhere on the face, back, neck, or shoulders and can affect people of all ages. It is also known as Pimples, zit or spots

  • How does Acne Develop?

Acne is developed when the sebaceous glands excrete excess sebum on our skin. This excess sebum gets mixed with outside bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils and starts to fill up the pores of the skin.

  • Treatment for Acne?

Acne can be treated medically by using the various products available on the market or by using some homemade remedies proven to treat Acne. In severe cases, a doctor should be consulted.

  • How to Avoid Pimples and breakouts?

Try to use sunscreen every time you go out. Wash the face regularly so that there is no accumulation of dirt, bacteria or oil. Use only one product at a time and try not to change products frequently. Keep the body and skin hydrated by drinking lots of water.

  • Does Skin type Affect Acne?

Skin type has no effect on Acne. The main thing is to keep the skin clean and free of excess dirt and bacteria.

  • Is makeup good or bad for Acne?

It depends on the type of makeup and its usage. Oily and water-free makeup can aggravate pimples. Try to use makeup that doesn’t contain much oil and is water-based and always wash the face before applying a new batch of makeup.

  • Can I use the same products for my face to treat acne on the neck and back?

Yes, the products used for the face can be used to avoid pimples on the neck and back. Clogged pores are the main reason for pimples and the products concentrate on relieving those pores, hence it doesn’t matter where do you apply them.

  • Do adults have Pimples?

Yes, adults suffer from pimples and breakouts too. They are just not that frequent or that abundant as they are on teenagers. The pimples also tend to look different than they do for kids.

  • Are Pimple scars permanent?

Pimple scars appear due to severe cases of pimples or when the pimples are burst pre-maturely. Careful use of products and medicines can get rid of pimple scars over the passage of time.

  • Is Acne genetic?

No, Acnes are not genetic. They are based on hormones and not genes. 

  • Do I have to follow a special diet to avoid pimples?

There is not a special diet one has to follow in order to avoid pimples technically but it is still recommended that people stay away from food rich in oil, sugar and dairy products. It is not just for pimples but for general health too.

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