My Glass Skin Treatment At Home

Glass skin refers to hydrated skin, that looks full of life, and shines naturally . This term comes from Korean skin care, where they put many layers of hydration on face to achieve that look !!

Today in this post, I will share my steps to achieve glass skin using natural ingredients on your face

Start with step#1, that is double face cleansing

First I will do oil cleansing, and after that I will use my regular face cleanser

For oil cleansing you can choose either virgin coconut oil or jojoba oil

Dip a clean cotton ball in oil, and start to rub it on your face in upward motion

Do this oil massage for 3-4 minutes, and you’re done

After oil cleansing, take your regular face cleanser and wash your face properly

Now coming to step#2 of this routine, that is steaming

Take a bowl filled with hot water, and take steam on your face for 2 minutes

Steaming will loosen all whiteheads and blackheads on your face, so they will come out easily. It is also very effective for clogged pores

Next step of this routine is scrub.

In a clean bowl take 1 tbsp of rice flour.
In this add enough aloe vera gel, and few drops of lemon juice.
Mix it well and your scrub is ready
Apply this scrub all over your face and neck, and rub it gently for 2 minutes.
Let it dry for 10 minutes on your face, and then rinse it off with plain water

Next step of this routine is, Massage with ice cube

Take 1 ice cube, and start to rub it all over your face. Do this massage for 3-4 minutes, and you’re done.

Last step of this routine is, moisturization

Take your regular face moisturiser, and apply a layer of this all over your face

If you’re a fan of face serums, you can also dab few drops of serum on your face before putting moisturiser.

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