Korean Beauty Secret Revealed

We all know that koreans have the most beautiful skin in world, reason is pretty simple, ‘they respect their skin’. They take good care of skin and also protect it. They follow many steps in skin care to provide enough hydration to skin. In this post I have twisted this routine for indian skin, how can we use our herbs to achieve smooth flawless skin

Step#1 – Oil Cleanser

There are so many oil cleansers are available in market, you can buy one of them or you can also make it at home. To make this you will need

  • Olive oil,
  • Jojoba oil,
  • and castor oil

Mix equal drops of these oils in a bottle, mix and your cleansing oil is ready

Apply few drops on your face and massage it in upward motion for 4-5 minutes

Oil acts as magnet, it remove all clogged oil and dirt from your pores. If you do this oil cleansing daily, all blackheads and whiteheads will automatically disappear from your face

After oil massage dip a soft towel in water and wrap your face with this for 2-3 minutes

Step#2 – Face Cleaning

For this purpose you can use your regular face cleanser, or you can also use clay powder

Take 1 spoon of clay powder in a bowl.

In this add enough milk, until you get smooth paste

Apply this paste on your face, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse it off

Clay is very effective to remove any oil from face, that was left after oil cleansing

Step#3 – Toning

To make this toner, you can either use green tea or you can also use watery substance that comes on top of yogurt when you prepare it at home

Just apply a layer of this water all over your face and let it dry.

After 10 minutes you can wipe it off with a damp cloth

Step #4 – Face Massage

In a clean bowl mix 1 spoon of glycerin and 1 spoon of rose water, and your massage gel is ready. if you have oily skin, you can also add 3-4 drops of lemon juice in this

With the help of brush apply this liquid all over your face, and massage your face for 3-4 minutes. Let it dry on your face completely, and now you can apply a layer of aloe vera gel on your face

Your treatment is done here !!

For the best results, do this treatment is night time

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