Japanese Secret To Get Rid Of Dark Spots & Get Glowing Skin

The method of having glowing skin is Japanese Water Therapy.
This simple water therapy will improve the glow of your skin and make the skin look smooth and beautiful.
This therapy is the secret to Japanese people’s lovely radiant skin.

How To Follow The Japanese Water Therapy?

Step 1:

  1. As soon as you get up, drink four glasses of 160 ml each lukewarm or normal temperature water.
  2. You can also squeeze a lemon to flavor it.

But remember, you must drink on an empty stomach.

Step 2:

  1. After you have drunk the water, brush your teeth.
  2. For the next 45 minutes, do not eat anything.
  3. Keep on doing your everyday routine.
  4. You should do light physical exercises during your 45 minutes break, such as jogging or yoga.

Step 3:

  1. Maintain a two-hour break in the day for any meal you have.
  2. And stop drinking and eating something during those two hours.
  3. For instance, for the next two hours, do not eat or drink something after 15 minutes of getting your breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

Step 4:

  1. Take a break for a few minutes in and a glass of water if you can’t drink four to six glasses of water at a time.

Benefits Of Water Therapy For The Skin:

1. Improves the skin’s thickness and density
Your skin contains about 30 percent of your body’s overall water content.
And it is important to maintain this percentage to keep your skin elastic and plump and reduce moisture loss due to environmental factors.
Your skin will not avoid excessive water loss if your water intake is poor, and it will lose its resilience.
The adequate intake of water preserves the density and thickness of the skin and prevents moisture loss, which keeps your skin healthy.

2. It helps to flush toxins out of your body.
To flush out toxins from your body, your kidneys need water.
The kidneys remove the waste from your bloodstream so that fresh and oxygenated blood is obtained by your organs.
The essential nutrients and oxygen are obtained from your skin through the blood.
And your skin won’t shine unless your blood is clear.

3. Your normal skin functions are enhanced
Your skin performs several roles every day, from avoiding water loss and removing toxins to synthesizing vitamin D and protecting your body from harmful sun damage.
The daily consumption of ample water levels allows the skin to function efficiently.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting Water Therapy:

  • If you are elderly or have a health condition but still want to proceed with this therapy, begin every day with one glass of water and then raise the amount gradually.
  • When you are pursuing this treatment, avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks.
  • Do not drink water to excess.
    Overdoing this, which is dangerous, can cause water poisoning.
  • Before beginning any alternative treatment, always consult a doctor.
  • From person to person, the daily amount of water required differs.
    It depends on your level of health, environmental conditions, age, and weight.

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