Hygiene Tips That Every Girl Must Follow

Your body is the only permanent place that you live in. It is essential that you take care of it.
To make your life a little easier, we are sharing our favourite 5 general hygiene and 2 menstrual hygiene tips in this article.

General Hygiene Tip #1 – Cleansing & Exfoliation

Keeping your body cleansed helps in killing harmful bacteria. Just like your face, your body also needs exfoliation.
Rinse your body using warm water as this will open up pores.
Exfoliate the skin using a natural scrub and cleanse using your favourite body wash. Don’t forget to moisturize.

General Hygiene Tip #2 – Odour Care

If you think your body odour can be covered using a deodorant, then let me burst that bubble for you.
A deodorant or a perfume only masks the odour.
If you naturally have an unpleasant body odour, we recommend adding essential oils to your bathwater.
The Essential oil will cleanse your body, kill the bacteria and its natural fragrance will solve the problem of natural bad odour

General Hygiene Tip #3 – Trimming Pubic Hairs

We all know Bikini waxing is in rage. But most of us don’t know that hairs down there help in balancing the pH level of the area.
So, removing them completely will do more harm than good. The catch is to keep trimmed regularly.

General Hygiene Tip #4 Intimate Wear

The body secretes a lot of discharge and moisture.
To ensure that it gets absorbed, it is important to invest in good quality cotton underpants.
We all get attracted to the beautiful laces and mesh details.
However, it is important to note that with innerwear, absorbency is the key.

General Hygiene Tip #5 – Post Workout care

Don’t we all love our regular workouts to keep our body fit? However, with that, comes a lot of perspiration.
It is important that once you are done working out, you immediately change both your clothes, as well as your innerwear.

Menstrual Hygiene Tip #1 – Do quick changes

It is advised that tampons and pads must be changed every 4 hours. This is irrespective of the blood flow.
When you don’t change them on time or use it for a longer period, the bacteria starts to accumulate on it.
This leads to vaginal infection and fungus.

Menstrual Hygiene Tip #2 – Avoid douching

We understand your discomfort with the periods and its bad odour. Still, douching is not a solution.
Cleaning your vagina and the insides of it with soap can cause bacteria and menstrual debris to go back inside the reproductive organ.
This will lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.
Instead, you can opt for cleansing the genitals with warm water to kill the bacteria and use a mild soap with a pH enhancer to keep them healthy.

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