How To Make Your Nails Grow Longer And Stronger | DIY Cuticle Oil

Beautiful nail art needs long, healthy nails!
Experimenting with various nail arts using different kinds of nail painting tools can be enjoyable and exciting.
However, if you don’t take good care of your nails, then your nails can have a hard time growing stronger and longer.
Today we’ll show you how to grow your nails faster while keeping your nails perfectly safe.

You’ll Need:

  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin E tablets
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosehip Essential Oil
  • Funnel
  • An Empty Nail Polish Bottle (Or A Roll-On Bottle)

Step 1: Clean the bottles

  1. You may use either an empty roll-on bottle or an old bottle of nail polish to store your DIY cuticle oil.
  2. Remove the labels erase the text on the nail polish by rubbing it with a nail polish remover.
  3. To remove the residual polish from the interior of the bottle, fill it with the solution, and shake it until the remains disappear.

Step 2: Gather the Oils and Mix It Up

  1. Now that you have all your essential oils, all you have to do is mix it in a cup.
  2. Since all of the ingredients are liquid, you won’t have a lot of trouble mixing them together.

Step 3: Transfer into The Bottle

  1. When mixed together, transfer the oil mixture to the bottle you prepared beforehand. Using a funnel to stop messes.
  2. After mixing it all together, you should apply some perfume to keep your hands fragrant during the day!

Step 4: Get some on your nails

  • Your DIY super easy cuticle oil is now ready to help promote healthy nail development!
  • Using a roll-on to smear the paste directly on the top of your hands.
  • With a typical nail polish brush, you’re going to have to apply the oil a few times for maximum coverage, similar to adding polish to your nails.

Step 5: Massage of the oil on your nails

  1. How to grow nails naturally depends on how you use cuticle oils as well.
  2. You have to rub the oil on all your nails to keep them solid and safe.
  3. It’s not only going to cure your nails. It’s going to help make your skin shine!
  4. Now you know how to grow your nails naturally with this super simple blend.
  5. Apply oil as much as possible, not only to help your nails grow but also to moisturize your skin.

Why Will This Work?

  • For those who don’t know, cuticle oil is a moisturizing product that makes your nails and cuticle grow stronger every time you use it.
  • It is made up of essential oils and vitamins that help to strengthen our nails from inside.
  • Cuticle oil may be used by someone who has cracked, brittle, weak, or even inverted nails.
  • All the oils mentioned above are wonderful to strengthen our nails.

Almond oil: contains essential vitamins such as A, B1, B6, and E that protect our nails from cracking or peeling. It’s good for dry nails, too.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E has moisturizing properties that help prevent our nails from turning black, reverse nail damage, and soften our nails as well as our cuticles.

If you don’t have all the oils, you can still use a single tablet to rub your dry nails.

Lavender essential oil: due to its antifungal effects, lavender oil is strongly recommended for people who have nail fungi.
It also helps in developing keratin (a protein made by our nails!), which makes our nails strong and healthy.

Rosehip essential oil: it helps to nourish nail follicles, improves the health of our nails, and is important for the treatment of broken nails.