How to hide acne in 5 minutes

Okay so you have to attend a special event tomorrow and pimple shows up on your face a night before. It’s time to think about techniques that you can use to cover it as soon as possible.

Try below steps to know how to hide pimples with makeup and other techniques:

1. Your first goal is that it should not become large during the night. Take a towel and run it under warm water. Place it on the pimple for 10 minutes at least. Make sure it is very warm water though, this will open up the pores. If you don’t want to do this, take a quick shower; the steam will open up your pores.

After this apply some Benzoyl peroxide, it is the best choice to shrink the size of acne

2. Now in morning cleanse your face carefully. Use a gentle cleanser and cleanse your whole face and that area especially and very thoroughly but be gentle and do not scrub your face! Make sure you moisturize well after cleansing with an oil-free moisturizer.

3. On a clean face, you can start your makeup. You can choose to use a primer if you wish.

4. Now time to apply concealer on your pimple. When you are choosing a concealer to cover a zit, pick a thick formula that is quite dry and use a very small, pointy concealer brush to cover it from all angles. It is best to use a makeup brush so that you can get into all the crevices that your finger cannot. Don’t brush across but instead dab the concealer onto your little monster, then tap your finger on top to set. Use a green based concealer corrector followed by the foundation to counteract redness. Don’t choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone or you will just bring attention to the thing you are trying to cover up. Focus only on the pimple and not the surrounding area. After you are finished concealing you can blend out to your skin, but do not blend or touch the actual zit.

5. Now apply some loose powder to make sure that it remains hidden and the makeup doesn’t slide off the pimple’s oily surface. It’s best to use an eyeshadow brush loaded with powder.

6. You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of your pimple pretty much overnight. Take some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and rub it gently on the pimple until it foams a little bit. After that cover your acne with a drying lotion such as Mario Badescu Drying lotion which will help dry it out overnight. Thus, this remedy can help you get rid of your annoying pimples overnight.

7. There is a hot and cold technique which you can utilize to curb your acne rapidly so that you are ready for any event within a day. To perform this technique, first, take a hot washcloth and then press it over the acne moderately. After that, remove the hot washcloth and put an ice cube over the acne. Keep doing this, alternating between the hot and cold applications a few more times and perform this whole technique 2-3 more times in a day and you will be pleased to see that your pimples are gone in no time.

8. You can utilize tea tree oil to treat your acne rapidly. This medicinal oil is fantastic for the skin as it possesses multiple properties which help the skin. And not just skin, it is great for the whole body. But here, we will use it to treat the pimples and acne. It has potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which come in handy when using it to treat pimples. It actually has been proven scientifically that tea tree oil is very effective in getting rid of acne and pimples from the skin. To use it on the skin, you need to dilute it first as it is quite strong and can be irritating to the skin when concentrated. Dilute it by combining one part of it with 9 parts water and then dabbing it onto the pimples using a clean cotton swab or ball as a direct topical application. Follow this remedy a couple of times in a day and you will be able to rapidly curb the appearance of your pimples.

9. You can harness the skin benefitting properties of sulfur. It can help curb the appearance of pimples as it also possesses decent anti-inflammatory properties and it can also help unclog pores. Thus, it can tamp down the appearance of the pimples quickly. You can use facial masks which contain sulfur in them on your face or directly on pimples to reduce their swelling and appearance. There are many products available in the market which you can get which contain sulfur in them to treat your acne and pimples. Different products are used in different ways, so opt for one which allows for overnight application as that will generally be more effective in getting rid of your acne rapidly.

10. Everyone uses toothpaste to take care of their oral health, you can also use it to reduce the appearance of your pimples quickly. Using it is also very simple and straightforward as you just have to use the paste as a topical application over your pimples to get rid of them fast. Just get a normal white toothpaste and not the gel ones as the gel ones will be useless for this purpose. To use it, take a little bit of toothpaste and then apply it over your pimples. Then, leave it on overnight and wash it off with cold water in the morning. In fact, do this all the time if you can if you are in a hurry to curb the appearance of your pimples.

11. You can use a primer to conceal the pimple quickly as well. Use a yellow or green primer to apply onto the pimple as that will cancel out the appearance of redness. Use it moderately and do not go overboard with its application. After that, cover it with a concealer and blend it in. Finally, use a powder and the pimple should not be visible now.


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