How to get rid of blemishes

Blemishes are dark spots or pigmentation occurred on the skin due to various factors such as acne, sun exposure, genetics, aging and hormonal imbalance. Blemishes can occur on any part of the body but commonly appears on the face, back, chest or upper arms.

There are various products available in the market that claim to remove blemishes but unfortunately very few of those work and most of which are surprisingly expensive.

20 home remedies, how to get rid of blemishes

Due to its unsightly appearance, blemishes can be a reason of low self-esteem especially in teenagers and young adults. However, you can get rid of it by taking extra care of your skin. Here are 20 simple ingredients found in your kitchen that help you get rid of blemishes:

Baking Soda: Baking soda being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, help treat and prevent blemishes from coming back. Steps to treat blemishes with baking soda:

    1. Take a spoonful of baking soda, mix some water into it and make a thick paste of it.
    2.  Apply the paste to the problem areas after washing your face clean. 
    3. Rinse your face after 10 minutes of application

Calamine Lotion: Calamine is a medication used for several skin conditions such as itching, minor skin infections, etc. It is a combination of zinc oxide and 0.5% ferric oxide. Calamine Lotion is one of the oldest products used as a medication for mild skin problems. It is now available in Over the Counter products that help remove and prevent blemishes. To reduce the appearance of blemishes:

    1. Apply Calamine lotion on your face or the affected area two times a day

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has recently gained popularity for its amazing effects on skin and hair. You can get rid of your unlikely blemishes by applying just enough apple cider vinegar to cover the blemishes. 

    1. Apply a spoonful of Apple cider vinegar mixed with some water on the blemished skin for about 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Rinse it with cold water. 

You can treat your skin with vinegar at night before bed or early morning before work.

Aloe Vera Gel: Many beauty experts swear by the wondrous effects of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is one miraculous plant for your entire body especially your skin. To reduce pigmentation and black spots using Aloe Vera:

    1. Apply organic Aloe Vera gel available in the market or directly from the plant after carefully washing it. 
    2. Apply it overnight and wash it with cold water in the morning. 

It ensures great moisture and the removal of blemishes after regular use.

Honey With vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant properties, honey heals skin infections and hair problems. If it is organic, it can benefit your skin tremendously.  Honey will give you a moisturized skin and help you achieve clear and healthy-looking skin. To treat your skin with honey, you need to:

    1. Take a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. Mix it with some rose water.
    2. Wash your face with warm water after 15 minutes of application. 

Apply honey once a week to get soft and clear skin.

Potato Juice: Loaded with micronutrients and phosphorous, potato is great for your skin. Potato juice not only helps you clear dark spots, dark circles and pigmentation but also brightens up your skin. Steps to reduce blemishes with potato:

    1. Grind a potato and take out its juice by squeezing it.
    2. Apply the juice on your problem areas and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
    3. Wash with normal water. 

Apply potato juice regularly to see fast results.

Egg White: Egg white is a healthy addition to your diet. Along with that, it can be an amazing skin and hair care treatment.

    1.  Apply egg white on a clean face, neck or the part where blemishes have appeared and leave it for 15 minutes. 
    2. After 15 minutes, wash it with normal water. 

Egg white gives you smooth, soft and glowing skin. Apply the mixture once a week for best results.

Lemon Juice: Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C and citric acid, which helps lighten your skin. Lemon juice works great alone but for sensitive skin, dilute it or mix it with other ingredients. To reduce pigmentation and scars using lemon juice:

    1. Take a spoonful of lemon juice. Mix it with honey and rose water.
    2. You can add some facial mud (Multani mitti) to it for better results. 
    3. Wash your face with warm water after keeping it for at least 15 minutes.

With regular usage, you will achieve clear and healthy-looking skin.

Neem: Neem is widely used in the country as Ayurvedic medicine. Its anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties make it a miracle leaf for all skin infections and problems. 

    1. Take a few neem leaves. Grind it after washing carefully.
    2. Directly apply it on the face, neck or any other problem area


  1. You can boil it and store the stock/water (water used for boiling the leaves). Apply the water as a toner on the skin.

Apply the neem paste weekly to reduce blemishes.

Papaya: Papaya is full of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants that help prevent premature aging. It contains enzymes that help prevent acne and treat sunburn. Papaya also helps you achieve an even skin tone. To make papaya face pack:

    1. Take a bowl of mashed papaya pulp and apply it on your face and neck. 
    2. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

For best results, apply the pack twice a week.

Turmeric Face Mask: Turmeric has been used for beauty treatments for ages. Indian brides apply turmeric on their faces in order to achieve glowing and clear skin before their wedding. It is used as medicine in Ayurveda.  To make a face pack:

    1. Take some turmeric powder mix it with rose water and lemon for oily skin.
    2. Mix the turmeric powder with aloe vera or olive oil for dry skin. 
    3. Apply the mix for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Apply the mixture in the morning to feel refreshed and reduce pigmentation.

Tomato: Tomato can be used both, as a toner or a face pack. With the goodness of Vitamin A, C and K, tomato helps you achieve clear and bright skin with regular use. To use tomato as a treatment:

    1. Grind tomato to get tomato pulp. Mix the tomato pulp with some lemon juice and honey. 
    2. Apply the mixture for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. 
    3. Similarly, you can gently rub a tomato slice after washing your face and rinse it in 10 to 15 minutes with cold water.

Apply tomato mix once a week for best results.

Yogurt Mask: Yogurt has anti-fungal properties. It helps prevent pimples and premature aging. Yogurt is great for your health, hair and skin. You can apply yogurt as a facemask mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and honey to get brightened, moisturized and clear skin. Loaded with Calcium, zinc and lactic acid, it ensures brighter and younger-looking skin. To make a face pack:

    1. Take a tablespoon of yogurt. Put a few drops of olive oil, some lemon juice and honey. Mix the ingredients. 
    2. Apply the mixture for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Apply this mix weekly to get rid of pigmentation and redness.

Mango : Mango does not only satisfy your taste buds but also benefits your entire health including the health of your skin. Mango is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it definitely helps your skin glow and gets problem-free. Eat mango, drink mango juice to maintain good health and good skin. You can also apply mango pack on your skin to help reduce blemishes.

    1. Massage a handful of mango pulp onto your face, neck and other problem areas for about 10 minutes. 
    2. Rinse it with cold water

You can repeat the procedure weekly for good results.

Orange Peel: Orange peel has a bleaching effect. 

    1. Grind a few orange peels and mix them with lemon juice.
    2.  Apply the mix on problem areas for 15 minutes.
    3. Rinse with warm water. 

Apply it once a week regularly to get rid of suntan, pigmentation and dark spots

Mint Leaves: Apart from cooking, mint leaves are widely used for skin medication. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces any itchiness on the skin. Vitamin A ensures glowing skin whereas Salicylic acid can help you maintain good skin and reduce stubborn blemishes with proper care. 

    1. Grind a few mint leaves after washing them clean.
    2. Apply the paste on problem areas for 15 to 20 minutes.

Apply mint leaves regularly to get rid of skin problems.

Basil: In India, Basil is a holy plant because of its history and miraculous beneficial properties. To reduce blemishes, apply basil once or twice a week:

    1.  Use fresh basil leaves to create a fine paste.
    2.  Apply the paste for 20 minutes before rinsing it with cold water.

 Rich with Vitamin A, C, K and many other nutrients, basil work wonders for your skin to be blemish-free.

Almond and Milk: Almond and milk paste exfoliates the skin and brightens it up. Loaded with Iron and Magnesium, almonds are great for your body and particularly your skin.

    1. Soak a few almonds overnight.
    2. Make a thick paste of it in the morning by mixing some milk in it. 
    3. Apply the paste on your face and neck. 

With regular use reduces pigmentation and dark spots.

Besan Face Pack: The old school gram flour or besan is wonderful for your skin. A besan face pack guarantees to instantly brighten and smooth your skin. With regular use, you can achieve a clearer and even skin tone. 

    1. Take a tablespoon of besan with a little water, lemon juice and rose water. 
    2. Mix all ingredients
    3. Apply the mixture on your face, neck and back.
    4. Let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

Multani-Mitti Face Pack: Indians have been using Multanimitti face pack for ages. Multani mitti has various benefits for the skin and one of them is the removal of blemishes. Use the magical mud alone or with orange peel paste. 

    1. Take a tablespoon of Multanimitti. 
    2. Mix some olive oil if you have dry skin.
    3. Apply the mix for 15 minutes and rinse with normal water. It reduces the pore size, brightens up the skin and prevents premature aging.

Use the mixture every week to get glowing and blemish-free skin. 


To save your skin from blemishes you certainly need to take some precautions. We have listed a few, to save your skin from expensive products and hassle:

  • Sunscreen: We all have heard this repeatedly. However, this is one important step to save your skin from problems. Apply plenty of sunscreen before stepping out in the sun, preferably before 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Keep hands off your face: Avoid touching your face as your hands might hold germs and oil that can cause trouble for your facial skin.
  • Stay clean: Keep your hands and face clean. Make sure you clean your face at night before going to bed. Makeup and dirt may clog your pores and cause blemishes.
  • Healthy diet: A healthy diet not only improves your skin quality but also ensure long-term good health. Once you start implementing fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will see the difference in your skin condition. You must also drink enough water. Water helps clean out unwanted toxins from the body.
  • Go natural: Try to use as natural products as possible. The one’s with chemicals may affect your skin for the long term and thus it is always advisable to go for natural, chemical-free skincare and makeup products. Natural products will protect and nourish your skin.
  • Stay stress-free: A person looks best when he/she is happy. Try to be as stress-free as possible. This will automatically improve your skin and health condition.

Myths and facts

Myth: Only teenagers face acne issues. We all have heard our peers tell us this myth.

Fact:  The fact is that acne can hit at any age. One must take proper care of their skin to prevent and cure it.

Myth: Benzoyl peroxide & Salicylic acid are one and the same thing

Fact: Salicylic acid, generally found in cleansers removes oil from the skin. It will not help your existing acne. However, it may prevent acne from occurring again. Whereas, Benzoyl Peroxide, generally found in spot treatments help treat acne and pimples and reduce redness.

Myth: Acne or blemishes will disappear without any care

Fact: Your skin needs to be taken care of when having problems. Otherwise, its condition may worsen. Try homemade products or OTC products for mild acne and blemishes. For severe conditions, visit a dermatologist.

Myth: Scrubbing helps reduce blemishes

Fact: Scrubbing is literally hurting your skin and may trigger more blemishes. You may very gently exfoliate your skin once a week to let go of dead skin cells and any dirt or oil residue. Try using natural face packs and OTC products to treat mild blemishes.

Tips for healthy skin

  • Mild Cleanser: Use mild cleansers to maintain clear skin: It is necessary for everyone to use a mild cleanser that removes dirt and oil from the skin. The cleanser removes excess oil and dirt from your skin, which will help prevent acne and other skin infections.
  • Stay moisturized: It is best to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated at all times. You may use the perfect moisturizer that fits your skin type. Oily skinned people can use water-based moisturizers whereas dry skinned people can use an oil-based moisturizer. It helps skin from damaging and creates a barrier between your skin and makeup.
  • Step out with sunscreen: As stated earlier, sunscreen is a must in order to save your skin from long term damage. Harmful UV rays may damage the skin to a great extent. In fact, most blemishes and premature aging is caused due to excessive sun exposure. So make sure you apply enough sunscreen every day before stepping out.
  • Benzoyl peroxide for acne: Along with cleaning and moisturizing, it is necessary to treat blemishes, if any. Benzoyl peroxide reduces redness and treats acne or pimples. Most OTC products for acne and pimples contain the chemical. Use a product that contains Benzoyl peroxide at least once in a day. 
  • Maintain a good diet: “You are what you eat” fits perfectly when talking about skin. Try to eat as healthy as possible. Add green vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Nutrients will ensure the good health of your skin and hair. Whereas water will keep acne at bay by flushing out toxins from your body..
  • Take measures at the earliest: Use OTC or homemade products for mild blemishes. However, when you notice several acne or any other blemishes on the skin, visit a dermatologist. Some skin conditions may be because of hormonal imbalance or any other internal disease for which your doctor would suggest medications.

OTC products effective for blemishes

There are various Over the counter products available in the market for blemishes. Following are a few highly rated and result-driven products for blemishes that we find quite useful for reducing blemishes:

  • Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment: The acne-blemish treatment cream a little heavy on pockets with Rs. 2150 for 50ml but it is a solid barrier against acne. It is very popular in the market for its performance and quality. It also claims to reduce blemishes by 37% in only 3 daysPrice: Rs. 2150 for 50ml
  • Kama Ayurveda Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack: Kama is known for its good quality and 100% natural beauty products. The Kama Ayurveda Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack reduces dark circles, dark spots, and pigmentation. It also treats and prevents acne. Price: Rs. 885 for 40gm
  • Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment: It is a gel-based cream. The product controls breakouts and redness in only 2 days. Apply the gel directly on the problem area. The product best suits those with oily skin. Price: Rs. 1270 for 21 gm
  • Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream:  This particular cream is an all-rounder. It reduces acne, treats spots and adds glow to your skin. The cream is mild and safe for any skin type.  Price: INR357 for 90ml
  • Vicco Turmeric WSO Skin Cream: This cream is one of the oldest anti-pimple creams that are available in the market. It is 100% natural and as the name suggests it is 16% pure turmeric. The cream treats acne, clears scars and brightens up the skin. Price:  INR220 for 70g
  • Jovees Ayurveda Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne and Pimple Cream: The consistency of the cream is thick and it best suits dry skinned beauties. The cream reduces pimples and prevents them from coming back. Price: INR195 for 60g

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a blemish on the face?

Blemishes are dark spots, pigmentation or any other flaw visible on the face, neck or any other area of the skin.

  • What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation refers to the darkening of a certain area of the skin.

  • What causes dark spots?

Dark spots refer to pigmentation or spots that appear on the face with aging. 

  • What can I use for blemishes on my face?

There are various over the counter products available in the market for mild blemishes. For several blemishes, you must see a dermatologist.

  • How to get rid of clogged pores?

Take face steam by boiling some water. Take the water off the heat and place your face above the container. Cover your head with a towel so that your face is exposed to steam fairly. Moisturize your skin afterwards.

  • How do you get rid of large pores?

Apply Ice cube tied in a cotton cloth on your face after washing it with warm water. You can also apply homemade face packs to reduce large pores.

  • Do home remedies for blemishes really work?

Home remedies are the best treatment for mild pigmentation as it is expense and hassle-free. Regular usage of home remedies can help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

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