Hair Straightening Remedies, Precautions, Facts and FAQs

Hair straightening is a method in which curly or frizzy hairs are straightened. There are a lot of ways in which hair straightening can be done. Using a hair iron to straighten the hair or running a hot comb through it. Techniques like Japanese hair straightening, which is also known as permanent straightening, or Brazilian straightening can be also used to accomplish straight hair. There are some shampoos, conditioners and other hair products available which provide temporary straightness.

A person’s genes have a lot of weight in deciding whether the hair’s going to grow straight or curly. It has been found that our DNA is responsible for around ninety per cent of the discrepancy in hair texture. The shape of the hair follicle decides the shape and angle of the hair strand it will grow in. An asymmetrical follicle means that the hair will be oval in shape with a tendency to curl and a symmetrical follicle results in straight and round hair. Since it is hard for oil to reach the top in curly hair, it stays drier than straight hair and often gets curlier or frizzier in humid conditions.

Here is a list of how to get straight hair by using some home remedies.

  1. Heat a little bit of sesame, olive, almond or coconut oil in a microwave. Massage your hair and scalp with this oil and distribute it evenly using a wide-toothed comb. Use a wet towel to cover the oil-laden hair for half an hour and rinse it with a mild shampoo after that.
  2. Make a mixture of a couple of eggs and some olive oil. Apply this liquid and let it set for an hour. Wash off the mixture from hair using a mild shampoo. Use this remedy twice a week to get straight hair.
  3. Coconut milk in itself is very beneficial for hair. Pairing it with lemon juice makes a homemade conditioner that is very capable in providing straight hair. Apply this like you would apply any other conditioner and wash it off with some lukewarm water. Repeating this process two to three times a week yields great results.
  4. Milk is a great moisturizing agent and is known to strengthen the hair follicles, making them free of curls and frizz. Mix equal amounts of water and milk and store it in a spray bottle. Before applying the solution untangle your hair using a comb. Spray the milk solution on hair while combing it. Best results are obtained when the solution is allowed to stay for 30 minutes.
  5. Mix two tablespoons of rice flour with one egg white and a cup of Fuller’s Earth which is more commonly known as Multani Mitti. Add water slowly to the mixture until a thin paste-like texture is obtained. Apply this to the hair and allow it to settle for an hour. Use a shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair after the procedure.
  6. Castor oil is also a great ingredient to get straight hair. Heat some oil and apply it on your scalp. Massage the head for some time before wrapping it under a warm towel. Leave the towel on for 30 minutes and wash off the oil after that.
  7. Another milk remedies contain a tablespoon of honey and some mashed strawberries. Massage your hair with this mixture and wrap it in a towel. Take a mild shampoo and wash your hair after two hours. Don’t use a narrow-toothed comb while combing the hair.
  8. After conditioning your hair, mix a few drops of vinegar with some cold water. Wash your hair again with this mixture. This remedy not only straightens your hair but also provides a natural shine to your hair and adds sleekness.
  9. Divide your hair into sections of small ponytails. Tie these ponytails with a number of loosely bound hair bands placed in regular intervals spanning the whole length of the hair. Keeping this arrangement for a night gives instant straight hair.
  10. Another way of applying warm oil on hair is by mixing a little bit of Aloe Vera gel to it. To get straight and shiny hair apply this mixture for 30-40 minutes. It acts as a conditioner despite looking like a hair mask.
  11. Wrap your wet hairs around a roller big enough to handle long hairs. Using a bobby pin ensures that the hair stays rolled up. Rollers are an efficient and lazy way to get straight hair quickly and easily. Unwrap your hair when it is completely dry.
  12. Besides eating, celery can be used to get straight hair also. Store the juice extracted from a couple of celeries in a container and leave it for a night. In the morning, apply the juice on your hair completely covering the roots to the tip. Use a comb if you have to. Wash your hair after 30 minutes and let it air dry.
  13. Eggs have long been known to make hair stronger and better with added shine. They also straighten the hair follicles and the hair strands if applied regularly. Since the smell of egg is quite repellant, mixing a small amount of yogurt is recommended. Whip two eggs to make a smooth paste and apply it over your hair and scalp.
  14. Alcohol is a good cleansing agent and contains elements that add shine to the hair. Boiling a cup of beer till it reduces to half in a pan makes for a good mixer for a shampoo. Mix this reduced paste with a shampoo and wash your hair with this homemade shampoo the next time.
  15. Rinsing your hair with vinegar-induced water makes the hair strands straight. In a cup filled with water, add some vinegar drops. After rinsing the hair with this vinegar solution, rinse the hair again with clean water. This procedure gives a little shine to the hair also.
  16. This is one of the most unconventional ways to get straight hair. Detangle all your hair and comb it towards one side of the head. Using bobby pins secure and wrap small portions of hair to the side until all the hair is wrapped. Go to sleep with the hair in the same position and wake up with straight hair.
  17. Add Castor Oil and Soybean oil in 2:1 proportion. Heat the solution and let it cool down for a bit. Apply the cold oil all over the scalp and hairs using a comb. Wash after 30 minutes using a mild shampoo.
  18. Add half a cup of dried rosemary in the same amount of heated olive oil to make a smooth herbal paste. Apply the paste thoroughly over the scalp. Use a slightly warm towel to wrap the hair around the head for 30 minutes.
  19. Mix a couple of cups of milk with an egg and whisk it till the solution becomes smooth. Use a brush or comb to spread this solution evenly on your hair strands. Cover the head for half an hour before washing it with shampoo.
  20. Almond oil is also recommended in order to get straight hair. Supplement your conditioners by adding a few drops of almond oil to it. Washing your hair with this conditioner three times a week will result in gorgeous straight hair.

Precautions for straight hair

Here are some precautions people with straight hair should follow.

  • Consult a doctor or a hairstylist before straightening your hair. Everyone’s hair is a little different and can react to styling products differently, consulting your stylist keeps you in the safe zone. There are some procedures to follow after the straightening treatment also. A stylist will know what is best for your hair and will advise you to do certain things in order to get straight hair.
  • Chemicals and other components mixed in the shampoo make it harsh for your hair. It is recommended that one should shampoo sparingly, almost next to never if you want sleek and shiny hair. Conditioning should be done daily or on alternate days especially if you want straight hair.
  • Sun and pollution are harmful to your body in more than one way. When going out in the sun, try to cover your hair with a hat, umbrella or something. Air-filled with pollution weakens the hairs up to the root and can lead to hair fall also.
  • Trim your hair regularly. It has been said that in order for hair to grow longer, it should be trimmed once in a while. Trimming not only gets rid of the split ends but also creates a raw, fresh edge from which healthier hair grows again.
  • If you had curly hair as your natural hair then you would want to use a wider comb for combing your hair. Having a wide-toothed comb will result in less breakage of curly hair and will follow up the effect when you want to get straight hair.
  • Before washing your hair, brush it for some time until is de-tangled all the way. If the hair gets wet in tangled conditions, it will form knots and hair will break.
  • Use a shampoo you can fully trust. Consult your stylist before buying a shampoo. Try to use shampoo as it has been advised according to your hair and never snarl the ends. Snarling will break your hair and will shunt the hopes of getting straight hair. After washing your hair, don’t rub it with your towel, pat it slowly to make it dry a little and then leave it to air-dry.

Myths and Facts about Straight Hair.

  • Straightener will straighten any hair – It is one of the most common myths. Probably because it holds true in some cases. Overusing your straightener might lead to even more curly and frizzier hair because straightener imparts heat on the hair which soaks up the moisture from it.
  • Hair should be washed with cold water – Hair follicles are just cells on the top of your hair. And just like any other skin cells, heat opens up the pores completely. That is why one should wash their hair with lukewarm water so that the hair cuticles open up properly.
  • Comb your hair from top to bottom – Everyone combs their hair from top to bottom because it’s how we’ve been taught from the beginning. The correct way to comb your hair is from bottom to top. This way the tangles will clear up in the bottom itself, causing no pressure on the hair above.
  • You can cut curly hair the same way you do straight hair – Most of the procedures of cutting hair involve soaking the hair wet so that it detangles and attain its actual length. This can prove fatal in the case of curly hair because it behaves differently when it is dry. Cutting curly hair when it is wet might make your hair look like something else than you expected when it dries completely and rolls up again.
  • Straight hair grows faster – Color or orientation of hair has nothing to do with its growth rate. For a particular person, hair grows the same whether it is straight, curly, wavy or any other shape. It just becomes hard to notice in curly hairs as it doesn’t grow downwards, instead, it spirals inwards.
  • Straight hair is easier to maintain – This is completely not true. Straight hair just needs different kinds of maintenance than curly hair or colored hair. People with naturally straight hair might not need a tremendous amount of work to maintain the shape but clinically achieved straight hair demands a lot of caring so that it remains straight and at the same time, healthy as well.

FAQs on Straight Hair

  • How long does it take to straighten the hair?

It takes about two to three hours or maybe more depending upon the length of the hair. Time can vary for different hair types and the strength of hair also.

  • Can I color my hair after straightening it?

Yes, you can color your hair after straightening it. You just have to wait at least 2 weeks after or before the procedure so that the excess amount of chemicals used in both procedures doesn’t damage the hair.

  • For how long does the hair stay straight?

It depends on the procedure you used to straighten your hair. If you follow the Brazilian technique and smoothen your hair, then your hair will stay straight for 4 to 6 months. On the other hand, if you use the Japanese technique then you will get permanent straight hair.

  • Is there a strict regime to follow after straightening the hair?

Straightening exposes the hair to all sorts of chemicals. It is important that the hair be given some amount of time to breathe and deal with the chemicals naturally. 

  • Is one hair straightening technique better than the other?

Both the techniques use different kinds of chemicals and require a different level of skill set. One method uses different techniques and chemicals to get straight hair temporarily giving you the freedom to come back to your natural shape again. The other technique doesn’t allow for such change. It straightens the hair permanently. In the end, it comes down to what you need and what the situation demands.

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