Glass Skin K Beauty Trend – 5 Easy Steps

In this article, I have covered complete glass skin tutorial in 5 easy steps.

We all love skin that’s clear and healthy; glass skin is exactly that. Glass skin is meant to evoke the idea of skin that looks completely clear. Poreless and dew skin is the ultimate goal when it comes to this routine.

Glass skin routine includes steps like double cleansing your skin, followed by a serum, lotion, moisturiser and mist. In glass skin routine we use skin care products, that do not use astringents, and relies on hydrating ingredients that maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Step#1 – Double Face Cleansing

This method involves removing your makeup with an oil-based cleanser and washing your face with a water-based face-wash so that your skin doesn’t feel dry.

If you do not have any oil based cleanser, you can use micellar water and after that you can wash your face with mild face cleanser

Step#2 – Toning

K-beauty toners are formulated with refreshing and moisture-enhancing ingredients (like green tea, ginseng and floral water) and are applied to provide base hydration and allow better absorption of incoming products.

If you wanna make your own toner, mix equal amount of cucumber juice and rose water in a clean spray bottle and your toner is ready

Step#3 – Essence

Essence is the highlight of the Korean skincare routine. These are formulated to fight specific skin problems like pigmentation, blemishes and they provide a boost of hydration to your skin

To make your own face essence take a clean spray bottle.
Fill 85% of this bottle with aloe vera juice. If you want you can also use rose water instead of aloe vera juice
In this add 1 spoon of vegetable glycerin and few drops of jojoba oil.
Mix and your face essence is ready
You can spray this essence on your face after toning

Step#4 – Serum

A serum does more than just hydrating your skin – it evens out your skin tone, plumps up your skin and reduces fine lines while maintaining the moisture balance in your skin throughout the day.

You can use vitamin C or niacinamide serum in day time, but make sure that your serum has moisture-boosting ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Step#5 – Moisturize

When you’re aiming for that luminescent look, you’ll want to reach for one that is lightweight yet packs maximum moisture.

Korean people uses water based moisturiser to keep it hydrated for the longest times and it also help you to get that luminescent look

Your glass skin routine is done here, don’t forget to put a layer of sunscreen on your face, and you’re done

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